Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Bridges

Today was field trip day in my Northern Hydrology class. Faithful readers may remember last year's trip to Patterson Creek with the same prof. See: The Creek.

The bus was leaving at 1:00. I left home at 12:15. I arrived on campus at 12:25.

By some miracle, the sign was blank for the parking lot of the new building. I turned in and approached the door. It didn't raise. I drove forward a bit, in hopes of triggering the sensor. Nothing. I looked in the rear-view, and the sign blinked on: LOT FULL.

I drove to the Rideau Center. LOT FULL. I drove to the Congress Center. LOT FULL. I drove to the NAC. LOT FULL. What the hell performance is going on at the NAC on Tuesday afternoon that the lot is full!?

By this time, it was 12:48. I had 12 minutes to get back over to campus, park somewhere, walk to and board the bus. Impossible. So I did the next best thing. I spent 11 of my 12 minutes getting to campus and getting my car turned around in an overcrowded [by cars and students] parking lot, and I pulled up behind the charter bus. A minute later, we were off. I blew through numerous stop lights in order to stay with the bus, since I had no idea where we were going.

After covering much of the city [I could have gotten us there much faster and easier] the bus parked on the side of an empty country-style road and I parked behind it.

We trudged our way through deep snow down a hill and we arrived under a bridge.

Our TA and friend Norah was there to accentuate the grafitti.

We bored holes in the ice. Boring indeed. There was also much measuring and sketching to be had.

Christina's photo op captured Norah mid-sneeze. Sweet.

We all hoped back into our modes of transportation, and I followed the bus to stop number two. We honestly parked right in a lane of traffic. It was ridiculous.

We trudged down a steeper hill through deeper snow to end up underneath a larger bridge. Sexy.

Look at those sweet cracked ice layers! Twice at the first bridge, the ice gave a loud snap beneath the weight of 50 students. Mildly scary. No deaths.

Here is Curtis and some girl discussing how I was taking very educational pictures.

John's plasticy clipboard snapped in the cold. Weak!

And before we departed, I desperately clamoured to find someone to take a picture of me to prove that I existed on the trip. Yay! What a great day.

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katrocket said...

I'm glad you had a nice day and made the best out of having to stand around in the cold. I would've been all whiny, like "I can't believe I'm paying tuition for this."