Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Beginning Of The End

It is official: I saw two buses on Ottawa roads today. One of them was my beloved 5.

But its not all puppies in baskets and roses without thorns. No sir.

Sure, buses returned today, I'll be riding free until the end of March, but not everyone is so lucky. Yes, my three main routes have all come back in full swing, but the strike is far from over from some people. As per the OC Transpo website:

Full service on all routes is expected to be in place by Monday April 6.

Two months. Some people can ride their buses today, 59 days after the last time they rode a bus. But some people wont get to ride until April 6, which is 118 days after the last time they rode the bus. Some people are getting mega screwed.

But MY buses are back, so everything is fine!


Bec said...

Are you excited for your first bus ride in over 59 days?? Also I like the current banner a mix of a picture and the drawing... I guess you could get rid of the poll though lol.

i am playing outside said...

dont worry. the poll results are just there so people understand what they made me do. that will eventually go away lol