Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Network

It appears that MSN has developed some sort of Network and is tricking me into thinking that it will be even better than Facebook and a grilled cheese sandwich with a vision of Jesus in the grill marks.

I'm so not buying it. MSN is good for email and chatting and news, and that's it. So hopefully MSN will stop revamping their look and their ideas every three months, and start leaving my shit alone, just the way I like it.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Quatchi

Sunday, my dad drove me back to Ottawa. We chatted about the same things we always do. It was planned that Darryl would come over for supper at 5:35pm. At 4:55pm, Andrew's mom and sister showed up. So not having the new man meet the old man's mother before my own mother. At 5:05pm, Darryl texts to say that he's about to be half an hour early. So not cool. Not even just in this situation. Plans are made for a reason! ... I ran outside to meet him and told him we were going for supper at Swiss Chalet. 10 minutes later, Andrew and family walk in the door, and get a prime table close enough that I spend the rest of my meal trying to avoid eye contact with Andrew. Just an awkward situation, ya know? After dinner, Darryl gave me a stuffed Quatchi [that's what she said] which is so fucking awesome. I had wanted one so bad.

We also watched the Oscars, which were painfully boring. Hugh Jackman is officially the worst host ever.

On Monday, I worked hard to finish my Hydrology assignment, went to class, relaxed. Tuesday, I went to class, then to Darryl's for dinner after we hung out at the mall for a bit [where we met up]. Over the past 24 hours, I also did my book summary assignment for my Power in the Workplace class. Woo. Done!

Nothing else exciting to report. Sorry. lol

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Superlash

Last night at Tim Hortons, Amanda discovered my Superlash™
I hope you can see it in the pictures. It was freakish.

I couldn't handle the crazy, so I had to pull it out. I'm sure girls would pay big bucks for my secret eyelash lengthening secret. Mwahahahaha.

Bigger. Than. A. Penny.

The Reading Week

Here are a couple pictures from this past week. It's been a relatively slow picture week for me, considering that I'm in Renfrew. But there are two more friend times planned, so watch out!

This is me and my grandma on Sunday. It was her 86th birthday. Happy Birthday Grandma!

This is my dad's new [and FINALLY final, thanks to tube tying] child. The name's Thomas. Ain't got nothin' on Michael.

This is the other two wee small children. Angela and Rachel be their names.

This is Alison holding the wee small baby.

And this is what Alison looks like when she wakes up from a nap. Or something like that.

The Fix

People, I did it.

After THREE days of working and working and working at trying to speed up my mom's PC, being successful, then realizing that it was infected by an awful virus and then spending the second and third day trying to kill the virus, it finally died.

The computer has been working well for over 24 hours.

I also got a hair cut, which is lovely. Great job. Everything is back to normal. I've also done my 90 pages of reading for school [since its reading week and all]. Sadly, the two assignments I have to do [due Tuesday and Thursday] aren't going so well. With no working PC, I didn't have the option of doing them. Today I got two pages done on the first one, but this PC doesn't have Microsoft Office, just Open Office, and that's crappy and doesn't do spreadsheets well, so I'll do that assignment in Ottawa on Monday. The other assignment is all typing, so I can do that here, but I've been busy trying to fit in a bit of social life now that I'm no longer stuck fixing a computer. Tomorrow is my last chance, so I'll have 4-5 hours to get as much of assignment 2 done as possible, then finish the rest next week. Wish me luck!

I've got some pictures to share, but not tonight. Sometime in the next few days.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Catastrophes

Catastrophe number 1: I thought it might be a good idea to give my hair a little trim. Tomorrow, I will be roaming the town in search of a hair dresser that can take me instantly.

Catastrophe number 2: My mom's computer has been extremely slow to the point of almost unusable for the past year. I decided that I would reformat it. The reformating went extremely well, and the computer and internet are flying at the speed of sound. Sadly, the problem was a very bad virus, which was not removable through multiple reformats. Now I'm running thousands of lengthy scans to try to purge it. Ugh. But at least the computer is now fast! lol

Friday, February 13, 2009

The Countdown

You may have figured out by now that I love the Olympics. Well, we're a year away from Vancouver, and it was time to hit up a little celebration.

The clock was blurry, thanks to the rain.

So Darryl and I headed across the street to Parliament Hill.

Where I met Miga.

And got to hug Sumi.

And my favourite, Quatchi.

There were speeches, singers, a special rendition of the Olympic Anthem played by the Peace Tower bells.

Darryl and I waited...

For Elizabeth Manley and the Mounties to raise the Olympic flag.

It was windy and cold.

Then she trotted out the Calgary torch, as well as the newly unveiled Vancouver torch. Its pretty!

Sumi did a dance for Darryl and I while the mascots were being rounded up.

I wanted to take the mascots home. They're so damn cute!

Then Darryl held the shotgun, aided by VĂ©ronique Fortin, Olympic hopeful.

And I schooled him on how to properly torch it up. Huzzah!

We also got free pins and stickers and hot chocolate. And of course, an extra helping of frozen Canadian winter.

The back of our heads was on the national news. Sweet! lol

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Rain Warning

Monday: Winter Storm Warning.

Tuesday: Freezing Rain Warning.

Wednesday: Winter Storm Warning.

Thursday: Rain Warning.

What the fuck is a rain warning? Is it time to build the ark? Give me a damn break. The other three warnings this week did not occur. I think the Weather Network is off its fucking rocker.

I'm just afraid of how many Bright Sunny Day Warnings there will be this summer. The horror!

The Revokers

OC Transpo has been back for 6 days now, and its time to start fucking us again!

My bus pass that will let me ride free until the end of March will now let me ride free until the end of February.

Thank you for making me poor and then taking away the opportunity to save.

The Pepsi

Some people can turn a shit-tacular new Pepsi logo and turn it into something truly amazing.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Mayor

I just had the greatest dream.

Through some sort of random phone call, I became the new mayor of Ottawa. At the age of 21, this created some buzz, and hilarity ensued. Entertaining white collar guests while Andrew was hanging out with his friends in the living room? Check! Taking the bus to work? Check! Clueless when it comes to city politics? Check!

If "I Love Lucy" did an episode about running a city, it would have been in my dream.

But more importantly, my young age provided fresh new ideas, and I was a very successful mayor. Don't you love dreaming?

The First Trip

After 61 days, I finally rode the bus tonight.

The mood was more friendly than I expected.

The driver smiled, but not too much.

It was a smile that sad "I'm sorry".

I accepted the smile apology by not injuring the driver.

People on the bus seemed a bit awkward.

No one was used to trip.

The bus is a new experience again.

Everyone smiled at each other.

Hooray for bonding with strangers.

One lady was transporting a cake.

These are the parking stubs I saved - there were more.

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Canal

I finally made it skating on the Rideau Canal for the first time this year.

On Friday evening, Darryl and I went to Chapters so I could get a book for class [it doesn't need to be read until the end of March, but there was only one copy left so I wanted to make sure it was mine]. Then we headed to Loblaws on Baseline, which has a kosher food section which was totally cool. I've never seen that in a store before. We bought the kosher version of Orange Crush. It was identical. We then went back to his place where he cooked a very delicious lasagna.

Saturday morning, we tried our hand at homemade waffles. The first round was a little messy, but we turned up the heat and the next batch was perfect. And they were some healthy recipe. Yay!

I went home and worked for many hours to complete the first half of an assignment for my Northern Hydrology class. Now I have a very intimate relationship with some rivers in Yukon. Exciting!

By the time I was done working, I was hungry. Off to Darryl's for lasagna leftovers, and then we headed down to the canal to skate. Sadly, the ice was a bit soft because it was really warm, so conditions were not ideal. We had fun anyway.

Darryl in his brand new skates that he bought that day!

Me, a natural born skater. Naturally.

Darryl looking like a geek.

We spent the rest of the night watching TV and avoiding Darryl's lame roommate.

This morning we woke up and had more waffles, which were even better than the day before [the recipe made a shit ton of batter]. Then there was post-breakfast napping, and then I came home to complete the second half of my assignment, which took many hours. After a Desperate Housewives break [thanks for that 2 minute Lexus ad at the beginning], I did two readings for my class tomorrow night. Now it is almost 3am and I'm tired, so its off to bed with me!

Oh. The buses have started back, as of Saturday. In two days I have seen 5 buses. That is not a lot. I'll be getting my first ride in two months tomorrow night. Woo.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Beginning Of The End

It is official: I saw two buses on Ottawa roads today. One of them was my beloved 5.

But its not all puppies in baskets and roses without thorns. No sir.

Sure, buses returned today, I'll be riding free until the end of March, but not everyone is so lucky. Yes, my three main routes have all come back in full swing, but the strike is far from over from some people. As per the OC Transpo website:

Full service on all routes is expected to be in place by Monday April 6.

Two months. Some people can ride their buses today, 59 days after the last time they rode a bus. But some people wont get to ride until April 6, which is 118 days after the last time they rode the bus. Some people are getting mega screwed.

But MY buses are back, so everything is fine!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Precious Dolly

Move over Tickle Me Elmo, Furby, Yo-yos and Pet Rocks, the newest toy sensation is sweeping the nation [or at least some nation somewhere].

Add Image This is the most disgusting and anatomically incorrect baby of all time, making it a surefire success! Sadly, I urge you all to wait for the deluxe model, as this one doesn't even come with a razor. They can land a man on the moon, but they can't provide me with the proper tools? How the hell is my baby gonna get a trim?

Special thanks to Mando for linking me to this ultimate baby delight. Years of fun for all involved, no doubt.

This just in! Rebecca has done further research, and determined that the backside is even more cute and cuddly than the front!

The Bridges

Today was field trip day in my Northern Hydrology class. Faithful readers may remember last year's trip to Patterson Creek with the same prof. See: The Creek.

The bus was leaving at 1:00. I left home at 12:15. I arrived on campus at 12:25.

By some miracle, the sign was blank for the parking lot of the new building. I turned in and approached the door. It didn't raise. I drove forward a bit, in hopes of triggering the sensor. Nothing. I looked in the rear-view, and the sign blinked on: LOT FULL.

I drove to the Rideau Center. LOT FULL. I drove to the Congress Center. LOT FULL. I drove to the NAC. LOT FULL. What the hell performance is going on at the NAC on Tuesday afternoon that the lot is full!?

By this time, it was 12:48. I had 12 minutes to get back over to campus, park somewhere, walk to and board the bus. Impossible. So I did the next best thing. I spent 11 of my 12 minutes getting to campus and getting my car turned around in an overcrowded [by cars and students] parking lot, and I pulled up behind the charter bus. A minute later, we were off. I blew through numerous stop lights in order to stay with the bus, since I had no idea where we were going.

After covering much of the city [I could have gotten us there much faster and easier] the bus parked on the side of an empty country-style road and I parked behind it.

We trudged our way through deep snow down a hill and we arrived under a bridge.

Our TA and friend Norah was there to accentuate the grafitti.

We bored holes in the ice. Boring indeed. There was also much measuring and sketching to be had.

Christina's photo op captured Norah mid-sneeze. Sweet.

We all hoped back into our modes of transportation, and I followed the bus to stop number two. We honestly parked right in a lane of traffic. It was ridiculous.

We trudged down a steeper hill through deeper snow to end up underneath a larger bridge. Sexy.

Look at those sweet cracked ice layers! Twice at the first bridge, the ice gave a loud snap beneath the weight of 50 students. Mildly scary. No deaths.

Here is Curtis and some girl discussing how I was taking very educational pictures.

John's plasticy clipboard snapped in the cold. Weak!

And before we departed, I desperately clamoured to find someone to take a picture of me to prove that I existed on the trip. Yay! What a great day.

Monday, February 2, 2009

The Tracey

Most of my readers will probably hate this, but I came across it on Facebook and quite frankly, it was too funny to not share it. Y'all know I'm joking. Right?

The Opportunities

Sometimes we miss opportunities. As Winter has slowly droned on and on, the pile of snow on the balcony outside my window has gotten larger and larger. That's what happens when you have a top floor apartment. I recently wanted to take a picture of the pile, but I decided that I would give it more time, since the pile wasn't going anywhere. Then I could have a really sweet picture.

Well wouldn't you know it, after 3 months of snow, Andrew decided to clear the damn thing off. Bye bye snow. You can instead enjoy this picture of last year's large snow pile, from December 2007.

BUT [here is where the post gets less boring!] sometimes we do go for the opportunities presented to us. I'm pleased to announce the arrival of Darryl. Welcome, welcome.

This was our first and currently only picture together. I look so awful that you will not be seeing it. But he looks super cute. We're gonna live in that huge house someday. LOL