Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Strike Update

WARNING: This post rambles. Deal with it.

So as you can see in my masthead, it is now Day 29 of the OC Transpo driver strike here in Ottawa. Unless you're reading this a few days later, then the number is likely higher. Grr.

So, I'm getting pretty freaking sick of it. Today was the first day of the new semester [Hopefully the last of my university career ... pray for me!] and I didn't go. Class is always useless in the first week, so I'm missing nothing by extending my Christmas break. Next week I'll need to start taking the 90 minute walk to school. In the cold.

I'm doing a whole lot of staying home, which is fine because I'm currently too poor to spend a dime [The government has just informed me that my taxes were reassessed and I get to pay them $370. Thanks. Students really need that.] So as for saving money, its fine that there are no buses, and that the bar I go to is closed for 2 weeks due to last year's fines LOL.

So back to the strike. On Thursday, the bus drivers are being forced to vote on whether or not they accept the city's most recent contract offer. Up until now, the union president [See: yokel] has not allowed the drivers to have any say. They have been forced to comply with whatever he says. But now the feds are forcing a vote. So there are two possible outcomes here:

1. Yes vote: The drivers use their first opportunity to change things for good, and the city doesn't entirely hate them anymore.
2. No vote: The drivers make a choice to continue striking, pissing people off entirely.

The economy is hell, and these people are turning down like a 12% pay increase. Fucking super insanity. They better get off their lazy asses and go back to work.

Apparently the morons will take SIX days to actually get the buses back on the roads once the strike does end. Fucking dumb idiots. Grr.

Finally, city council is considering turning the bus-only Transitway into a car-accessible highway if the strike is prolonged. On the one hand, I'd damn well make sure I get a car ride on the Transitway at some point, because it would be a rare experience [I'll take any rare experience I can get HAHA] but on the other hand, there aren't very many exits off the Transitway, and no one would actually know how to drive on it and where to get on/off, so people would be fucked up and it would be a bad idea.

I apologize for how rambling this was. I really do. Screw bus drivers.


Tim said...

well that blows, sorry to hear about your transit woes, nice banner at least.
have you thought about doing a craigslist posting looking for a ride? I wouldn't want to walk 90 minutes each way in a Canadian winter.

Tim said...

this looked promising