Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Strike Ends

So 51 days later, and the bus strike has ended. Hours before the federal government would have forced bus drivers back to work, the city and the union have decided to send the contract issues to binding arbitration. Something they've been proposing for a month. Something that could have ended the strike a month ago. Assholes.

So what does this mean? Nobody wins. Here are the numbers:

1 : Week until the very first buses will return. Luckily one of my bus options is within the first group of options.

15 : Weeks until 70% of bus service will be reestablished.

51 : Days of stupidity.

380 : Dollars I spent on parking, gas, taxis, etc.

500 : Number of bus drivers that will be temporarily laid off while bus service returns at a reduced rate. Congrats to 25% of the drivers screwing themselves our of any pay at all. I bet that $50 per week in strike pay looks pretty good right now.

2,300 : Bus drivers who will be facing copious amounts of verbal abuse by many of the

860,928 : Angry citizens of Ottawa.

24,000,000 : Dollars saved by the city. I'm sure we'll all see that coming right to our pockets real soon. Hah.

I have no respect for anyone involved.


Sornie said...

I never thought of the money saved by the city during a transit strike and I know for sure that during the last one here in teh Twin Cities that not a dime saved wnet to reduce any taxes.

i am playing outside said...

Exactly. It would work out to about $25 per person. I'd like my 25 bucks!

Tim said...

try not to think about human stupidity, it will only drive you to madness. Just learn the lesson that stubbornness is not attractive or profitable

katrocket said...

I though of you Michael when I saw the vote reports on the news this week... Well, at least you'll have your bus back soon, but I don't understand why they won't go back to work IMMEDIATELY...what? They needed a week of vacation after all that "hard work" picketing and pissing people off?

I pretty much think that anyone who makes over $30/hour and thinks it's okay to go on strike and demand more in this economic climate is a complete ass.

i am playing outside said...

the need time to perform maintenance on the buses, and to dig out every bus and shelter from 3 feet of snow. idiots.