Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Storm Pics

What a clever title. Pictures of a storm, which happen to be the first pictures taken on my Storm! God, I'm good.

Ottawa has been receiving a shit ton of snow. As usual.

My drive to school took 30 minutes. That results in an average speed of 12km/h. Ridiculous.

You see, Ottawa likes to plow the streets when the snow has stopped, and a foot of snow is just totally fine to drive through until that stoppage happens. Thanks.

Here's the snow as seen at school:

And here is the snow in the Loblaws/McDonalds parking lot near home. Look how much snow fell on that van!

At Loblaws, I got a couple thinks so I can enjoy them at home. You know, foodstuffs. Since I'm poor, I bought a majority of no name products. I have ALWAYS loved no name. The food is just as good, and I've always loved their yellow packaging. These days, they are moving back toward their AWESOME plain and boring original packaging. Just a yellow box with black letters and a very simple picture of the product. It's brilliant! So eye catching. It's basically Dharma Food.


Tim said...

did you add all the dharma symbols?

i am playing outside said...

lol no no, the dharma food is just a picture i found online. i'm not THAT crazy lol

and no name is yellow and black not white and black haha

katrocket said...

I don't know where I'd be without No Name products. Probably in The Pourhouse*.

*The Pourhouse is the name of my local neighbourhood pub.

i am playing outside said...