Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Past Few Days

Thursday night, several people Facebook messaged me. They wanted my old textbooks, and they wanted them fast.

Friday at noonish, I headed to school. I entered the library in order to get through the indoor building-connecting tunnels for warmth. I immediately ran into Josh or the first time in a long long time. We chatted a bit, and then he introduced me to the familiar looking girl he had been talking to [a classmate of his]. I turns out that her name is Michelle [I remembered this] and I met her on the 3rd day of university on a bus trip to IKEA. We hung out that night, 3.5 years ago, and never saw each other again. She rememebered everything. My full name, my roommate's name, what we discussed that night. She told me things about me that some of my good friends may not even know. I told her straight up that it was very creepy.

I walked to the hallway outside the gym where I was meeting a Facebook random to sell a book. Standing there was Rebecca C. Absolutely crazy, since she goes to Ryerson in Toronto. She was in Ottawa to play basketball. She had to leave, but it was cool to see her! Someone from my very own street in Renfrew! A few minutes later, a girl that I recognize from previous classes approached me, handed me 80 bucks, and I gave her my textbook, wished her luck, and I was richer. I grabbed a hot chocolate and waited in the new building for my next buyer. A few minutes later, I was another 50 bucks richer and my bag was lighter. $130 bucks in half an hour... not a bad day's work!

I headed off to Derek's place since he lives downtown and I was downtown. We hung out all afternoon and night, eating and drinking and playing SingStar [its like Guitar Hero for your vocal cords!] which I did NOT want to play, but ended up LOVING.

Saturday, I didn't do much, which gave me lots of time to find a great SingStar knockoff [UltraStar] that I can play on my PC. After much time spent downloading the right song files for it, I can finally play, and its awesome.

Sunday, my wildest hopes and dreams came true: my mother agreed to lend me her car for the rest of the bus strike. This means I'd be able to actually go to school [and pay outrageous parking fees]. Yay!

At 6:45 that night, Nathan dropped me off at the bus station for my 7:15 bus to Renfrew. By 7:10, when no one else was waiting for the bus, and there was no bus at Gate 5, I got worried. At 7:25, when I was still sitting on the bench, I resigned myself to the fact that I did a poor and fast job of looking at the bus times. 7:15 was Renfrew to Ottawa. The bus from Ottawa to Renfrew was at midnight.

I spent some time contacting all my downtown friends, and they were all useless. People either didn't respond, or they were too tired to hang out. What kind of downtown living losers am I friends with? It wasn't even 8:00. I broke one of my rules, and went to a restaurant for dinner alone. Then I broke another rule and went and saw a movie alone, after about an hour of txting people [thanks to an outlet near a table and chair that I found, which charged my dying cellphone]. I saw Slumdog Millionaire, which was quite good. Sadly it was longer than I expected. I missed the last couple minutes because I was running down the middle of Bank St. at 11:48 trying to hail a cab. Eventually I got one, and he got me to the bus station in 3 minutes. He got a 70% tip.

Before boarding the bus, I was metal detectored. That's new. My bag was also searched. Quite frankly, it made me feel a little bit comfortable knowing that now my head likely wont be cut off on my ride. Good for you, Greyhound. I got to Renfrew at 1am, and after walking across town [and only seeing 12 cars] I was home by 1:35.

Monday afternoon, I headed to Ottawa with the car. I basically went to Renfrew to sleep, and I stopped in at mom's work for a few minutes. I did a very large grocery trip, and then hung out at home for a bit. I paid $8.50 for 3 hours of parking at school. Insane. This is gonna get expensive. I loved class. B.Ray is the best prof ever... he's the only one that is lively enough to keep me awake during a 3 hour class. Glad to be back with him!

Today I saw the movie Bride Wars and it was pretty good. Huzzah!


katrocket said...

That's much more eventful than my week. So I'm curious - why do you have rules about eating/going to cinema alone? Is there a social stigma attached to it? Sure, company is always preferred, but I don't mind the peace. I travel a lot (usually alone), so perhaps I'm just accustomed to it? Are people actually judging me, dude??? Am I even more sad and pathetic than I realized?

i am playing outside said...

I've just always personally thought that they're weird things to do alone. No stigma :P Only I am judging you. HAHA

Mommy said...

The girl remembering all that is creepy...very creepy.

boredmando said...

Psh, I used to always go to movies alone. I like it because then I get to sit where I want without stupid people being all, oh I forgot my glasses/I need glasses let's sit up close. BAH HUMBUG.

Now Im too poor to go to a movie by myself lol

I love Anne Hathaway but I do not plan on seeing Bride Wars anytime soon. Except unless its at the theatre when we go for free with work lol. (Right now its me, a lobby girl and then managers signed up to go :|)

Anonymous said...

I've never quite understood why it's bad to go to a movie alone. I mean, all you're doing is sitting in a darkened room and watching a screen, not talking and hanging out or whatever, right?

i am playing outside said...

i dont like doing ANYTHING alone. lol it makes me nervous.