Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Parking Situation

The parking situation at school is not good.

Right now, I should be sitting in some crappy Psych class, but instead I'm in a computer lab killing time until my next class, because it took me close to an hour to find somewhere to park. Lots are full everywhere. I thought I'd caught a break when I got to the top floor of the lot at the far end of campus, and there were no empty spaces in the whole building. While I was turning around, a girl got in her car. I had a space. Yay!

I pulled in, got out and walked to the ticket machine. It didn't accept credit cards. I walked around and found another machine. The machines weren't even turned on. The entire garage was now permit parking only. What. The. Fuck.

I got back in the car, rode around and around til I was back to the ground, and I started driving to the Rideau Center. Traffic was insane. I got trapped in many an intersection. I almost backed into a girl. I should have done it. LOL

Finally, I found a spot on the rooftop of the new Rideau garage. Congress Center was full and BLOCKED OFF [how people were to get in or out, I have no idea].

I was close to the course pack printing place, so I grabbed one of my books for a class on the way to school. The only bonus in these -25 but feels like -34 with the wind chill temperatures.

Now, I'm off to my next class, which is naturally on the very other end of campus. I'm giving myself 25 minutes to get there [it should take like 10] because I'm using the indoor tunnel system. Having to go outside just once briefly is way better than getting there quickly haha.


Tim said...

I once had to endure a winter with -40degree weather, I moved : )

BeckEye said...

There are times when I really miss driving and then there are times, like after reading this post, that I'm so glad I moved to a city with a quick, subterranean, people-moving system.