Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Nothing

I've had nothing to post lately.

I've got a cold which sucks. School is going well... its already the 4th week of the semester, which is a little crazy. I'm slowly going broke thanks to paying for parking every day, which means I'm not doing anything else.

I haven't taken a picture this month. Not one. I've got six days to change that. Maybe I'll take a picture of myself sitting at home doing nothing.

The government is finally back after their 7 week holiday. It's Day 49 of the bus strike. I'm going fucking insane. The government has chosen to not force the drivers back to work. I guess MPs don't mind having no buses running by Parliament. I watched a few minutes of government-ness on TV tonight, and they're just a bunch of fucking children. How did these people get elected? Seriously... watch them for five minutes and be mortified on how childish they all are.

The city and the bus union are no longer talking to media about the bus strike, so the news last night had a psychic. A FUCKING PSYCHIC. He [I know, right? It wasn't even Miss Cleo!] said that the strike will end at the end of February. That's fucking stupid-tacular. Grr. Fucking way angry. Thank God my reading week is in three weeks and I wont have to pay for parking that week. Grr. I need to call about maybe getting my wisdom teeth out. Better do that while I'm still covered by my parents.

I guess that's it for tonight. Just because I love you, I give you this little gem:

And this, just because its hilarious: