Monday, January 19, 2009

The Ketchup

Just so you all know, and can be proud of me, I spent much of the weekend reading. Two weeks of this semester are already over, and I had to wait until I had money to buy my books [3 of them, which cost almost $300. Lame!]. I had 9 readings to do, but now I'm all caught up and ready to start week 3 tonight! Woo! Just 49 more readings to go this semester! Oh god :(

I realize that I didn't take a special moment to share with you all what classes I'm in. Here goes! Anything you'd like to take?

- Cold Regions Hydrology [gonna be a lot of work]
- Geography of Transnational Migration and Settlement [love it!]
- The Earth and How It Works [rocks for jocks!]
- Child Development [the textbook is small and cute, which makes me enjoy reading it]
- The Psychology of Aging [gotta learn about old people too if I'm gonna learn about kids]
- Special Topics in Psychology [this one is basically Russian Roulette. you sign up for the mystery class and learn the topic on the first day. it turns out to be Power in the Workplace. its fantastic!]


katrocket said...

At first glance, the Big List of Learnin' gave me a headache, but I think "Power in the Workplace" sounds like an interesting course. I wonder if it prepares you to deal with all those assholes in the office?

i am playing outside said...

it does! it does! ... its a good class :)