Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Year 2008

It's been a wild ride, my friends. Here it is, lengthily summed up. Enjoy, and see you next year!

2008 began with fireworks and Andrew whining about his sore foot. I gave myself a mohawk which no one liked. Jerks. I made it to my 100th blog post. I finished a book that was a long-time coming. We succeeded in contesting out Remote Sensing exam marks. I house and cat sat for a weekend in a lovely home. I did my first sediment analysis at school. I hated living with Tim's mess. I sketched the plan for my largest painting ever.

We hosted a Geography pub night.

I skated on the Rideau Canal.

I dyed Amanda's precious hair.

I became a Guitar Hero.

Grandma celebrated her 85th birthday with lots of family and friends.

We took a chilly field trip. I saw The Road Hammers in concert. I was ambushed with a free lunch. I had my first real Valentine's Day. I spent a wonderful Reading Week in Renfrew.

I got green for St. Patrick's Day.

I got behing the wheel of a Zamboni for the second time in my life.

I accidentally edited all my friends to be coked out. We got a shit ton of snow. Project Runway provided us with a Fierce Hot Mess. I tried and enjoyed Dim Sum. I completed my masterpiece painting.

I burned up in the snow and ice on a trip with my friends from school.

I was a cowboy at a sweet hat party.

I played a game with the girls at the Museum of Nature.

Amanda allowed me to cut her hair. Norah yelled "Fire!" in a public place. Uncle Lyle turned 50. The Edgars put their house on the market, and prepared to leave the neighbourhood. I was minorly electrocuted.

I moved home to Tim Hortons.

The Musical Ride came to town.

Andrew and I watched his parents compete in the Ottawa Race Weekend.

Back in Renfrew, we participated in the Relay For Life. I got a job at General Electric Hitachi Nuclear Energy Canada, Inc. I bought Bingo at the Great Glebe Garage Sale.

I met Yanik for a round of mini golf.

A day at the National Art Gallery went from sunshine to rain. I bought my first pair of sandals in like 10 years and absolutely loved them. I continued to enjoy working with my dad. Andrew and I reached our first anniversary.

I celebrated Canada's 141st birthday with 7 martinis, courtesy of the taxpayers. Thank you all.

I repainted and rejuvinated my bedroom.

I got locked in jail on the Ottawa Haunted Walk. I got my first credit card. I got a lot of free meals at work. I moved my things away from Tim's place, to Andrew's place. The people at work all drove me crazy.

I took a tour to forbidden places with Jenny and Andrew.

I kayaked for the first time, on Colton Lake.

I ended my 16 weeks of work at GE. I spent great times at cottages. My favourite model home was destroyed. I got strep throat. I reached a full year of blogging. Canada made me proud in the Olympics. Karaoke occurred in my living room. I got my full driver's license. I finally purchased The Nightmare Before Christmas, after 10 months of searching. I came out to my dad. I moved back to Ottawa to live with Andrew.

I climbed mountains in Gaspé.

I saw beautiful sunsets.

I visited a wind farm. I broke up with Andrew after 14 months. I visited Cantley Quarry. Momma went to Italy. My man purse changed my outlook on life. I visited the South Gloucester Sand and Gravel Pit, which sucked.

I made bad choices. Then I was way too creepy happy. I applied for tickets to the Vancouver Olympics. I went to Saunder's Farm with friends. I wrote a massive Feild Report. I learned that my eyes are technically perfect.

I turned 21. Americans elected their first black President while I watched. The Remembrace Day ceremony in Ottawa was a chilly one. Andrew ate his first grilled cheese, and it was a disaster. I discovered an advertising blunder.

I last my glasses and got some new ones.

I attended Momma's Christmas party.

I went to Montreal to meet Adam, which was a great day.

I celebrated early Christmas with dad's family.

I held the newest member of our extended family.

I made Momma cry with a book.

I enjoyed the best Christmas of my life, because my family rocks.

I rode an old bike and thought about the past, because you need to do that before you move into the future. See you all in 2009!


katrocket said...

Dec 2008: I discovered how fun it is to play outside.

Happy New Year!

i am playing outside said...

aaw! how adorable! Happy New Year to you too. thank you for reading :)

boredmando said...

You know, I REALLY wish to own a pair Ray-Ban-esque sunglasses, but don't in fear of looking like a douchebag, but if you can attempt to rock a mohawk and be all FUCK YOU PEOPLE, I think I could attempt to rock the sunglasses and do the same. (Look, I didn't even call it a pukehawk this time!)(And yes, I put that previous bracket in there just so I could say pukehawk again, I'm sorry, I was weak)

But then while I do love being all FUCK YOU PEOPLE (I do?) I also love how my current sunglasses completely cover all my eyes (all seven of them) and people can't telling when I'm eye laughing at them (aka the whole time I'm looking at them).

Also, while we're talking about my sunglasses, my first pair broke, so I went back to walmart months later to try and find them again, and they had them! BUT now they're like half a size too small and rounded wrong. It makes me sad.

I guess my first mistake was buying sunglasses from walmart.

(I love brackets tonight, I'm sorry)

boredmando said...

Ray-ban-esque is a horrible way to describe the sunglasses I'm picturing in my head, seeing as they sell a shitload of sunglasses. I'm sorry. Think 80s.

i am playing outside said...

lol you're pretty much awesome. you go get those Ray-Ban-esques! (more like puke-ban!) (zing!)

boredmando said...