Friday, December 12, 2008

The Virtual Waiting Room

So Kerri picked me up this morning at 10:40am and we found a place to park at school by 11:10am, which was pretty impressive [Of course we parked in the lot farthest from our destination. Isn't that just how it goes?]. So I got to the computer lab at 11:30am. This gave me 30 minutes to study while anticipating buying more Olympics tickets, and then do some more studying, then lunch, then off to the exam at 1:30pm, since the exam is at 2:00pm all the way on the other end of campus [back near the car haha].

So I studied for half an hour, and from 11:59:00am until 11:59:59am, I clicked refresh to log in to order Olympics tickets about a billion times. You see, now that initial ticketing is done, they are allowing first-come-first-served purchasing of the remainder of the tickets. There are 10 days where this is only available to people who previously applied. They get one last chance before the rest of the world. Also, Victory Ceremony tickets are now available, also just to those people. As one of those people, I am trying to get Victory Ceremony tickets for the nights I'll be in BC, as well as a Ski Jumping preliminary event that I can now attend since I wont be going to the Opening Ceremony.

So at 12:00:00pm I clicked refresh, and I saw this [click for a bigger view]:

That's right. I'm stuck in a waiting room. Online. Every 30 seconds it will refresh the page until I am the chosen one, allowed to purchase Olympics tickets. So I wait and wait and wait. 5 minutes. 7 minutes. 10 minutes. I'm freaking out. I eventually go back to studying, because I'll see it pop up on my screen when its my turn for real.

I go to Subway, grab lunch, come back. Still waiting.

I eat my lunch. Kerri arrives. We watch for 15 minutes and do some very last minute studying [The difference between C3 and C4 plants? I wrote about it twice! Woo!]. So Finally it comes time to leave for the exam. I decided to lock my computer. There aren't many people in the geography labs today, thanks to it being exam time, and the buses being down. No one will miss one computer.

We walk to Colonel By from Simard. By chat with Nathan. We chat with Christina. We worry that Helen hasn't arrived. Helen arrives at the last second and we get that show on the road.

100 minutes later, I'm done my exam. Only the 4th person done, but like I filled every possible inch of the exam paper, so I was truly done and unable to do more. Furthermore, I think I did a better job than I had expected. Here's hoping!

I saunter back to Simard. I take the long way. The indoor way. Buildings connected to buildings. Its great. My shoes thank me. It's not cold out, but boy is it slushy!

I get back to my computer. I unlock it. I'm in the Virtual Waiting Room. It has officially been 4 hours and 10 minutes. Give it a few more hours, and I'll feel like I'm at the hospital!

I'm at school for another 80 minutes. Lets pray that I'll be done waiting by then, otherwise my hopes of more tickets may be dashed. I wonder how many people are being let in at a time? 10? 50,000?

UPDATE: At 4:30pm I got into the system. 4.5 hours of waiting. No more tickets to the Ski Jumping available [That's ok... now I can arrive a day later] but I did get the victory ceremony! I get to see a concert, and medals awarded! Medals awarded for the event I'm seeing that day! Speed skating! Hopefully a Canadian gold! Huzzah!


katrocket said...

Hey, that's great news. I was a little worried that your story was going to take a tragic downturn and involve some sort of laptop theft. Phew! Good score.

i am playing outside said...

lol no no... they're school computers. i just picked one in a corner where no one would want to work. and if they restarted the locked computer [locked as in they cant do anything on the screen other than enter my password, not locked to the desk] then theyre jerks haha

JoJO A. said...

It's impossible to find (other) good tickets, I think people are rushing and *poof* all gone. I'm kinda happy with what I have. You get to see a concert?
*rolleyes* lucky!

i am playing outside said...

ya... i got my tickets after 4.5 hours, and apparently after 5 hours they were all sold out. i got lucky!