Monday, December 1, 2008

The Total Stupidity

So I went to take my essay to hand in, for my 7-10 Psychopathology class. An easy task.

I got to the bus stop early. The bus was on time. I got to campus and the clock told me that I had 10 glorious minutes to spare. Michael was early! What a novel idea!

I arrived in front of the classroom. A girl is sitting on the floor in the hall. I look through the door and the class is packed. A man with white hair is lecturing. I think to myself 'Why in the world is this prof going til the very last second? ... Oh well, there are just two of us out here waiting for the next class anyway. He can take his time.'

I decided to go upstairs in the seemingly vacant building, and perused the delights offered by the vending machine. Coke Zero was the ultimate winner, at an outrageous $2 [Back in my day, pop came in cans, and you could get one down at the Giant Tiger for a quarter!] [True story]. So I moseyed* on down to the basement again, where they try to trap us students and force us to learn. Now it is 6:56 and there is still a classroom full of students and the same lone girl in the hall. She now has an essay-sized stack of paper bound together and sitting on the floor beside her.

At this point, my life is flashing before my eyes. Did we get a one week extension on this essay, and then I came late and can't hand it in and I'm going to fail life?


And no!

I asked the girl if she was in the class, and she said yes, and I asked her what the deal was, and she told me that class is 5:30-8:30. This fun fact floored me. I thought back to 11 weeks ago: the only day I went to the actual class. Missy in the hallway was right. The time I wrote my midterm, the class was broken into sections... the first half of the alphabet wrote at 5:30, and my half wrote at 7:00. And the time I went for my TA visit, I was last in line because I showed up halfway through the time allotted. Awesome.

I waited with the girl in the hall until 7:07. People started pouring out of the class to signify the halftime break. [Cue the dancers and the pop singers]. The little lady and I pushed against the grain in order to approach that white haired man [apparently my prof] and we handed in our essays on the small stack of latecomers, as the main stack had been whisked away by the TA and like 5:35.

Then I joined the crowd pouring out of the class, got on a bus, and went home.

*Can you believe that I spelled 'moseyed' right on the first try? I must be some kind of awesome!

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