Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Study Attempts

So my first final [that makes little sense] exam of the semester is Friday night. I'm being a good boy, sitting at home, studying. The class is Psychology of Intimate Relationships, Marriages and Families. It has been a pretty good class, and I'm kind of friends with the prof, so it makes it more enjoyable for me to learn, and it also makes me need to do a good job and not look like a fool LOL.

So it comes time to start reading Chapter 6 of the textbook. I don't WANT to, but I'm ready to. Its showtime. The first three words of the Chapter, in big bold letters:


Now here I am, trying to begin reading, and all I can do now is sit here singing Haddaway and blogging about it. But now that its out of my system, I guess I'll try that studying thing again.

Precious readers, wont you sing with me?

2 hours later: I finally made it through the chapter, which included about 20 minutes of napping. Huzzah! Officially time for supper and TV before I get back to reading.


Kate Savage said...

Um, so what *is* love?

i am playing outside said...

It is pink hearts and glitter glue and teddy bears holding a red rose. Haven't you ever been in a greeting card store in February?

SRU said...

Baby don't hurt me. Don't hurt me. No more.