Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Rides

Getting rides in this city is still just as hard as I always thought it would be. I've lucked out into hopefully getting a drive to school on Monday with Kerri for my exam that afternoon, and I've planned a second date with Davin [the first was two damn months ago! haha] who will be brining his truck to Ottawa with him. This will result in a drive home from downtown. Awesome haha. [P.S. I want to have the date for actual purposes, not just for the drive. The drive was a bonus that I found out about later HAHA].

Then, there's the difficulty of going home. You see, my dad and his family are leaving on Saturday for Christmas in California [that's where she's from] which happens to be the day I'll be arriving in Renfrew for Christmas, so I'd miss them. So my sister and I are to go over on Tuesday night for dinner. Well, the greyhound station is a 2 hour walk or a $30+ cab ride away, so that isn't good. But my dad has agreed to come pick me up after work and drive me home [its going to be a late dinner and a late night haha].

From Renfrew on Tuesday night, I'll need to return to Ottawa for my Friday night exam. Either Momma and Alison will drive me back on Wednesday night and they will do some Christmas shopping in the city, or on Friday I will hijack Momma's car, drive to Ottawa and write my exam, then hang out downtown, then I can drive back to my apartment, get my shit together, and then drive back to Renfrew on Saturday. But if I return on Wednesday, I'll need Momma and Alison to come back to Ottawa to pick me up.

The bus strike may apparently last at least a month. This whole ride thing is a mess.


The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

We happened to be in Toronto the first Monday morning of a transit strike a couple of years ago. It was madness! But I have to say as a tourist it was also kind of cool.

There were people everywhere. All walks of city life walking, running, biking and I saw many people on roller blades.

Not that it wasn't a pain in the ass - and I was glad it wasn't me. But it was cool to see the people come together en masse to tackle the problem.

I hope the strike will be over soon. It sucks to have to score rides.

i am playing outside said...

they were nice and striked [struck? lol] in the summer. ottawa's bus drivers always strike [or threaten it] in the winter. jerks!

Anonymous said...

Oo! Do you get to bum a ride in a convertible, like in the photo, at least? Oh wait. It's winter. Nevermind.