Monday, December 29, 2008

The Science and Tech

Friday I did nothing, but start getting a cold. Saturday, I didn't let that cold stop me from having people over in the evening and then goign out to the bar with them later. It was a great night.

Sunday, Jenny and I woke up [her drunken ass slept over, since she lives out in the boonies]. We headed off to Ottawa at 10am. We unloaded my Christmas presents at my apartment, grabbed my credit card, then we were off to Wal*Mart.

I wanted to buy a treadmill. A cheap one. I don't need anything fancy, just something I will HOPEFULLY use while I'm watching TV, etc. I hope you all pray for me that I'll use it. Anyway, I had seen one last week at Wal*Mart for $356 and planned to buy it. When I looked online for the directions to the Trainyards Wal*Mart in Ottawa, I noticed that it was on sale for $199. Awesome! Then, when Jenny and I got to Wal*Mart, we discovered that it had been reduced to $129 AND THEN $109. With tax, I bought a $123 treadmill. Sweet! At this point, even if I don't end up using it [again, pray for me] I will still have spent not very much!

Jenny and I went to Wendy's for lunch [mmm taco salad], dropped the treadmill at my place, and then were off to meet our friends at the Museum of Science and Tech, which very oddly, I'd never been to. It was a friggin' blast! Here are the pictures:

Jenny outside, while we waited.

We were on TV from up above! Sweet!

Jenny got behind the wheel of a Jeep.

Amanda tested an oldschool living room. Were chairs really that different back then? They sure were comfy! ... The creepy part was that the museum also showcased beepers, electronic organizers, and cell phones from the late 1990s. It's creepy that things from my lifetime are museum-worthy.

Bill was first to enter the sweet tunnel of Nortel awesomeness HAHA.

Everyone was too wuss to go into the web, until I forced them all to. So what if it was for kids? Even a mother came in to play with her kids after I forced my friends in! [Mando, Rebecca, Michelle, Jenny, Bill]

And me!

Rebecca rocked the boat [when she was clearly told not to, baby]

I "rode" a big wheel "bicycle" .. a post and some steps is good enough LOL

Jenny popped out of the window in the Crazy Kitchen. It was far less crazy than I'd been promised.

Finally, we found out what it would be like if we were extremely fat midgets. You should have seen our fat asses. Classy.


Whiskeymarie said...

I've always wanted a funhouse mirror for my house. I think it would be awesome to have one in my entry so that it's the first thing people see when they come in.

i am playing outside said...

That sounds really cool! But would you get a short/fat mirror or a tall/skinny mirror?

pistols at dawn said...

I would have pretended to ride that old-time bike for hours, until everyone else went home.

Then I would have stolen it. Who could reach me to stop me?