Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Long Post

Time to play catch up!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008 A bunch of us got together for drinks at the Crown & Kilt. It is a lovely place, but my goodness the new servers were particularly awful. Like, I know they're newer, but it was REALLY bad.

Leslie chowed down on a wing in one of those perfectly timed photo moments.

We made Leslie, Jacey and Lindsay sit on one side of the table with their food, while we sat on the other side and watched them eat. Evil we are. I had just enjoyed a lovely dinner with family, so I didn't need more.

Bill was his usual Bill self.

Greg finally joined us for once, and Jenny leaned on him kind of. Make up your own caption for this picture if you'd like.

Jenny is too serious to be in pictures with me. Come on!

We headed across the street to Tim Horton's for my first trip of the holidays. Amanda was there with her work friends [see Crystal in the background there]. She had just won $500 at Bingo. Damn her!

Later, we took a little stroll uptown. Lindsay made us aware of the parking in the rear.

Jenny was tough and shoved this parking meter over. Ya right.

Thursday, December 18, 2008 I spent the afternoon being ultra lazy. The night before, we made tentative plans to make plans for Thursday night. Plan plans. That's how we roll. The evening hit, and I started studying for my final exam, waiting for plans to form. Everyone wanted me to do all the planning, but since I generally do, and I was not calling Bill's house any more times in the week [its a horrifying situation if anyone but Bill answers lol] no one made any plans and we all stayed home. If [A] Jenny hadn't been a baby and called Bill for her first time of the week, or [B] Bill leaped into the 90s and got a damn cell phone, we would have done something fun. Instead, we all stayed home by ourselves and I studied. Probably a good thing.

Friday, December 19, 2008 I did some more studying during the morning. At noonish, my dad come over to drop off Christmas presents for Alison and I. She got 3 large boxes. I got 4. He also gave me his car so I could drive to Ottawa. He left, I packed up my crap, and off to Ottawa I went, before the snow hit. When I got to my apartment, I did some more studying, cooked a steak, then headed to school in what was the most treacherous drive of my life. Somehow I made it to school. I parked in the new building, but the stupid ticket machines only accept coins and credit cards. I had debit and bills. So I had to go to Subway across the street, buy a bottle of water, then go back to put in my change, and then go back across the street to my exam! Luckily I gave myself an hour just in case, even though its about a 10 minute drive. The exam went decently well, and then I went to my friend Guy's house for drinks.

Then we headed to the pub, where I met some lovely new people and had a grand old time. Yay!

Saturday, December 20, 2008 I totally had McDonald's breakfast. Yum. I took my meal back to the apartment where I ate it while chatting with Andrew. I had planned on getting some things done around Ottawa, but none of it was that important so I said screw it, and I relaxed in my pyjamas all day. When afternoon became evening, I decided it was time to pack my bags. Andrew and I did our poor people Christmas present exchange ... I got him a page-a-day calendar [Worst Case Scenarios ... it shall be fun!] and he got me a sweet scarf. I needed a new, longer scarf, and its very long and I love it. Yay!

I drove back to Renfrew in the dark [stupid me... I wanted to go in daylight, but I was too lazy to remember that it gets dark early haha]. I got home just in time to run to the store to buy snacks, and then some people showed up at my place and we had a wee little party. We had a lot of fun, and then went out to Finnigan's which totally sucked for about 90 different reasons. The main ones involved no one I know being there [when its usually the place to be in Renfrew at holidays] and downstairs was way too bright. The whole point of being there is that you don't have to see how ugly everyone is LOL. Eventually, it was time to go home [yay!].

Sunday, December 21, 2008 After about 4.5 hours of sleep, Momma woke me up. I was offended that I had been woken up, but it was for the enjoyment of a bacon and egg breakfast, so I was quickly into the kitchen. Going back to bed wasn't an option either, because we were all going shopping rigth after breakfast. There's no getting any sleep around these parts apparently haha. After shopping, we came home and played a couple rounds of Scrabble. I won two games and Momma won once. Sorry Alison. After supper, we watched Christmas Vacation. I slept three times during the movie. Pathetic. But remember, I didn't have much sleep the night before, so get over it. After the movie, I was well rested, and I headed out on the town with Bill and Mando. Go Tim Hortons and driving around! We ran into Elyse, and Athena and Rebecca [those two were killing time before they left for Mexico at 2:30am. Lucky!]. After Bill and Elyse were lame, Amanda and I grabbed Momma's car and we stalked around town until we knew that Stephanie's light was on, and we picked her up and hung out. It was fun.

Monday, December 22, 2008 Again, I spent the afternoon relaxing at home. In the evening, I went with Momma and Alison to Grandmomma's house for dinner. We also watched Wheel Of Fortune. Awesome! LOL Later, we went to Canadian Tire where I watched Momma buy one of my Christmas gifts [something I was going to buy myself on Saturday but had been too lazy!] and then we went to No Frills to buy some things to eat and to run into my aunt and uncle and Mr. Noack. Later, after the girlies went to see Twilight and squeal their little faces off, Mando picked me up and we were... get this... off to Tim Hortons!

After Tim Hortons, we decided to make the drive to Cobden to see the world's tallest Christmas tree. It wasn't friggin' lit up, so the girls were sad [and smokey apparently].

We sadly drove back to Renfrew, where we did a little tour around town, and then back to our same booth at Tim Hortons. I know, right? Amanda put a scarf on her head.

Not to be outdone, I did the same. God we suck sometimes.

And Michelle became a bunny. Cute!

**It took like 2 hours to select the pictures, type and format this freaking post, so I hope you enjoy it! :P

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