Monday, December 1, 2008

The Glasses

To start off, that short sickness that I felt the other night was definitely just a freak event. I didn't continue to be sick, nor am I sick now. Weird!

So on Friday night, I lost my glasses on the bus. My glasses that I just spent lots of money on [in order to get a new eye exam and get new lenses, since I couldn't justify buying new frames because mine were still good and they had been expensive and I'm poor]. So I had to wait until today to call the Lost & Found to see if they once were lost but now are found - i'm blind and now can't see. [See what I did there?] ... So the lady at the Lost & Found tells me 'hey! you there! you boy! we ain't got yo' glassies'. Okay, maybe she didn't say it like that, but it would have been a fun way to sugar coat the fact that now I need to pull hundreds of dollars out of my ass in order to buy new ones. Ugh! I'm broke til mid-January, so this is no good. I'll go begging to relatives... unless all you lovely readers wanna send some cash my way ;) lol

Last night I went out to the bar with some friends, and saw some people I knew, and met some nice new people, and it was a grand old time. That was pretty much the only exciting thing I did this weekend, and I was home by 9 HAHA.

Tonight is my last class of the semester, which I will be attending [thanks to being required to hand in an essay]. Oddly enough, its a class that I've only attended 3 times this year: once was the first week, once was the midterm, and once we HAD to go to have a chat with the TA about our essays, and therefore it technically wasn't class, just me reading a book until my turn to chat [see: last in line].

As a technicality, I must mention that tomorrow night, I do need to go to school in order to hand in an assignment, but that will require no learning. Huzzah!

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