Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Heart and Crown

Last night, I went to the Rideau Center to meet Lindsay and Rebecca and Michelle for dinner.

And apparently Kristin, and Lindsay's sister Lesley.

And apparently Lesley's friend Diane. That last one was a little random. Especially since the rest of us are all Renfrew kids in Ottawa, but Diane was not. Also, Diane looked exactly like Ugly Betty without the braces.

For those of you keeping track, that went from 3 girls and one guy, to 6 girls and a guy. And a pizza place.

We left the warmth of our mall meeting place, and headed on over to the Heart and Crown, which is a wonder pub. Technically its like 5 bars in one. Its big. And it rocks. I ate a wonderful turkey club [it was so very fresh!] and there were shared nachos... also delicious!

These pictures have some major red eye going on.

Me and Lindsay. Cute!

Schelly, Rebecca and Kristin. Apparently after like 2 years, Rebecca and Kristin are getting along again. Or at least speaking to each other. Woo!

Lesley and Ugly Betty. Dinner with a celebrity, my friends!

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