Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Frew

Random Renfrew Sightings.

My mom's friend Connie is retiring from the overpriced gift store business. They screwed up the signs... supposed to say "Christmas is coming, Connie is going," not "leaving". Idiots. LOL. Bye Connie! If you've still got those sweet booze bottles when everything drops to 40% off after Christmas, I'll be there!

Mando and I saw someone using a payphone while we were driving. I swear to God. Payphone. $.50 per call and everything! I didn't even know we [as humans] still HAD payphones!

Finally, we came across this sweet POTS sign in front of Kristin's house. We went to take pictures of it two nights in a row. First, with my cellphone [which totally sucked in the dark] and then the next night with a real camera. Awesome.

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