Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Feedback

It has been 48 hours since the OC Transpo strike officially began, and while my original post has reached 30 comments about it, they are from a small number of people. So I went through my Facebook and found every status change about the strike over the past two days. Fun, no? Things I've learned from this search: either I have a lot more guys than girls on Facebook, or men are bigger complainers OR simply more outraged. Out of all the people, ONE status is helpful: Kerri is providing me with a ride to school tomorrow... a few hours early, but its a ride nonetheless! Also, the most-used swearword in this situation is "fuck". Just throwing that out there.

Ryan walks to work anyway, but still thinks the bus drivers can get fucked.

Brendan has no way to get to work, crap!

Alexandre says fuck you OC... really... I'm serious... Fuck you...

Ron is home from work and continues to wish bad things for OC Transpo employees.

Ian is frustrated...if I could boycott transit I would!

Stephan is very annoyed with OC Transpo being on strike... Way to abandon the city, fuckers... Hope you get hit by cars while on the picket line today!!

Jason: A dysfunctional Parliament. An unfit interprovincial bridge closed. A snowstorm. And now a transit strike. Ottawa is chaotic.

Brendan is hoping for a ride to and from Colours at Helsinki tonite, let me know if you can help :)

Ryan hopes the bus drivers are enjoying their little holiday.

Bert is trudging though the slush.

Alexis made it to work.

Todd is working from home and wondering when the "Fire OC Transpo Drivers" group is forming.

Andrew is trapped at home.

Matt ...learn how to drive Ottawa.

Kevin really isn't looking forward to work the next two days, since it costs money to make money (damn buses/taxis)

Carita is frustrated about the transit strike...looks like i'm cabbin' it to work :(

Ryan thoroughly enjoyed screaming at the bus drivers, and came up with stuff to say that was original enough to actually piss them off a bit!


Alexis made it to work again.....

Kristy had a brutal drive in....

Brendan is hoping for OC Transpo scabs!

Ron is happy to say that every OC Transpo employee can go royally get fucked.

Kerri is driving to Ottawa U campus tomorrow morning around 10:30... if anyone wants a ride: message me!

Chelsey This city is in complete chaos right now, make it stop!!

Matthew is pissed off that the OC Transpo strikers are interfering with exam shuttles in place of OC Transpo buses.

Stephen - Okay, OC Transpo can officially eat shit and die.

Christopher: Fucking OC Transpo Strike....

Shephan - hey oc transpo... fuck you guys. greedy bastards.

Emilie: you had your moment, you made your point, now stop screwing over those that need you! bring back the buses!

Tina: OC transpo can take one up the ass for all I care.

And on the news: a bus driver named Bill says "we want to go back and vote for [the new contract] but [the union president] wont let us see it" ... its all bullshit.


JoJO A. said...

Stumbled on your blog and thought I'd say how annoyingly fucked those bus drivers are(since the theme has been promoted around here!) I have two exams tomorrow and I have to take a cab! Like university isn't expensive enough. Argh!

Rocking logo btw, they ARE assholes.

i am playing outside said...

welcome! ... sorry you have to cab tomorrow :( i suggest cabbing to a middle ground and walking some of the way... it will save you a bit of money. with all the traffic being blocked up, and more cars on the road, it will be pricey. although city hall isnt allowed to have picketers anymore, so that will stop some of the blocked downtown traffic!