Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Deja Vu

Tuesday evening, Mando picked up Stephanie and I, and we headed to the LCBO to pick out a new type for booze for Mando to try this weekend. She's not a drinker LOL. We settled on Banana Malibu, and then we were off to Charlie's for dinner, where Jenny was meeting us. The meal was delicious and we had fun.

Next, Michelle was picked up, and we all headed out to Liquidation World to play with the crap.

Michelle lounged.

Jenny lounged a bit more promiscuously.

Next, we were off to Wal*Mart, where I immediately ran into my cousin Andrew. Everyone in town seemed to be there. Give a town a couple weeks of Wal*Mart being open til 12, and they'll go nuts I tell ya!

Jessie was there...

...with her sister Tonia.

Lindsay was also there, and I let her borrow the amazing bouncy ball that I played with in the store all night. It was so awesome. It bounced so well that I hit the lights on the ceiling. TWICE! Accomplished athlete? That would be me.

Stephanie and Michelle didn't like picking out childrens books.

We headed to Tim Hortons, where we met Bill [seen here with Mando, of course]. But Bill needed to buy some last minute gifts [good call at 10:30pm on December 23 when you work the next day]. So we went BACK to Wal*Mart to help him out.

At one point, I was standing in front of a bin of carpets, and Jenny shoved me in. Then Bill grabbed her and tossed her in with me. We made love. TWICE! Then, Bill needed to eat something, so we went to Tim Hortons. Do you see the pattern yet?

Here I am holding my cousin Cheryl's little baby Aiden. He was born 4 hours after my birthday. Damn him! He looks identical to his father. We visited them after a Christmas Evening of Chinese food, church, and general family love and enjoyment.

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