Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Day In Renfrew

Part 1 of 3

On Saturday, I woke up in Ottawa. I planned to attend Andrew's Christmas party, since it was happening in my apartment and all. Well, at 2:00pm I decided that I was off to Renfrew because Momma's party would be better!

20 minutes later I was running down the street with my bag packed. I waited for the bus. I had no money on me, so I went to the bank. I kept waiting for the bus. 13 minutes late, I got on the bus to St. Laurent mall. I got there after my 2nd bus, so I ran to the taxi zone [its hard to find a cab in Ottawa unless you're at a mall] and he flew me to the bus station in 4 minutes. He got a great tip haha. At 3:05 I got in line for ticket purchasing, at 3:12 I boarded the bus, and at 3:15 we were off! I just made it!

At 4:50, I arrived at my house, to excitement. I had told my mom the day before that I wasn't coming. Alison says she knew I'd be there. Whatever. We're not twins, we don't have a psychic connection LOL.

We got the house all perfect for the party, and I was starving so I convinced Darrell to buy us pizza for supper [They were planning to not eat any supper. Horrible!]

Guests started arriving at 7:30, which is exactly when my dad called my cell and yaked my face off for 20 minutes, while I hid in a corner upstairs trying to not make it sound like a party was happening downstairs, since I wasn't tellhing him that I was in Renfrew. Then he asked if he'd like to go for coffee tomorrow when he was in Ottawa doing Christmas shopping. I didn't know when I'd be back to Ottawa, so I made up a lie about plans and said to call in case I'm free.

The party was wonderful, and I'm glad I chose Renfrew over Ottawa. There was a ton of delicious food [There were about 15 different dips, and I think they all included cheese. Oh my.] The people were great too... always nice to see so many friends and family all in one place. Everyone had fun. In keeping with a true night out, last call was at 2:00am. Sadly, my aunt who spent the entire night screeching thanks to apparent pre-party tequila shots, was the last to leave. There were about 50 people at the party. It was great! And surprisingly the house wasn't freakishly overheated! [Although we cranked the temperature down to 10 degrees HAHA].

For your enjoyment, I've selected some images below, so the party can be seen but not heard [I'm serious... my aunt was VERY annoying].

Momma, pre-party

4 reasons why satin shirts are a bad idea. Alison, Loud Aunt Roseanne, Momma, Some Lady. When told to join the picture [by the loudmouth], my mom's cousin Mary Clare said "darling, this is silk" HAHA ... I love Mary Clare.

Me and Emmylou ["With a name like Emmylou, I don't even have to tell people I grew up in the country."]

Aunt Donna Lynn and Uncle Cecil. Yay! I love them! lol

Momma and Godmomma. Hey look, its my high school grad picture!

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