Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Day In Montreal

Part 3 of 3

At 6:00am, I woke up. At 6:10am, I woke up. At 6:20am, I woke up. At 6:30am, I woke up.

At 6:40am, my alarm went off, and I got out of bed. I checked my email and Facebook, because that's just what I do. I pulled on some clothes, I toasted, jammed, and ate two English muffins. I brushed my teeth, I told Andrew to have a good day, and at 7:13am, I was off.

At 7:20am I got on the bus which was late. At 7:40am I got on my second bus, also late. At 7:55am I got on the greyhound bus [thankfully I had purchased my ticket on Saturday along with my Renfrew ticket]. At 8:00am we were off, and at 10:15am I set foot in the Montreal bus station.

I took the metro [fun!] to meet my friend Adam. We've been chatting online over a year now, and he's finishing school and moving back to Connecticut on the 20th, so it was now or never to visit him, and I wanted it to be now!

Adam and I got along great from the first second. I was nervous about it, because what if you don't get along with someone in person even though you chat like best friends online every day? He took me shopping in one of the underground malls, and then we headed outside into the freezing wilderness to find some lunch. We ended up at Wrapcity [Rhapsody, anyone?] and had some very delicious wraps, and some very enjoyable sitting around and chatting. At 2:00pm we went to meet his friends Lindsey and Mattat Starbucks, where all the drinks they were making, regardless of what people ordered, tasted like mint. Much better than tasting like meat, which is what I thought I overheard one girl say.

The plan had been so spend 4 quick hours with Adam, and leave him at 3:00 to go see my friend Pam, but I decided that since his friend had no plans, and he had no other plans, I'd invite Pam to join us. She did just that, and we all had a great time. Again, we hung out in the underground malls for a few hours, including a lengthy experience at The Bay. The store was massive, and we spent probably an hour there. The insane part is that we were only ever on the mens floor... 1 of 7 floors in total. When we left The Bay, we took some pictures to commemorate the day of fun. The best part is that none of us are originally from Montreal. Isn't it funny how these things happen?

Adam in front of the Bay "B" so you know I'm not lying.

Pam and Michael... The complexity of the underground malls and metro system fascinates me. And confuses me.

Michael and Adam and a rockstar [which wasn't his, so I don't know why he's got it HAHA].

Matt and Lindsey in front of the photobooth that prompted photo time.

From this point, we headed out to the street level again, where we parted ways. Hugs and goodbyes and "nice to meet you"s all around.

Pam and I took a quick walk over to Bofinger, which was an incredible BBQ restaurant. I had an amazing burger, with orange crush and a side mac and cheese just because I loved that it was an option. It was so delicious. The price was way cheap for the amount of incredibly good food. The manager and the cook both hung out with us while we ate and chatted and we all watched sports news on TSN. It was a slow night for them, and they were absolutely hilarious and so nice. I told the manager to open a location in Ottawa, and he said it was in the works [The Works being the current best BBQ place in Ottawa HAHA]. I told him that was exciting. I'd love to eat there again for sure!

We did a little more shopping around, then it was finally time for me to head out. I took a 10:00pm bus back to Ottawa. The bus arrived one minute too late, and I missed my bus home, so I spent 25 minutes in the cold waiting for the next one. At 1:00am I arrived home, safe and warm.


pistols at dawn said...

Taking pictures in front of a photo booth seems oddly postmodern.

i am playing outside said...

dont you LOVE IT? i know i love it.

then some creepy guy came and like inspected the photobooth, and then went in. i find it odd when people use them alone.