Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Daddy Christmas

Tuesday night, my dad picked me up in Ottawa at 4:45pm. Normally, I'd be able to drive to Renfrew and get there by 6:00, but with all the extra traffic due to the bus strike, we didn't get there until about 6:40. We were lucky... the Queensway was packed with traffic, but dad is smart and did a lot of blowing by people in on and off ramps hehe. Sometimes we passed hundreds of cars at a time. It was amazing. Smart man.

We got to Renfrew and picked up my sister, then it was off to dad's for early Christmas dinner, since they will be going to California for the holidays. Dinner was delicious [but while they normally give us way too much food, it seemed like just enough, or maybe even not enough this year! Crazy! lol

Dad wouldn't let us open our presents. He said he will give them to Mom and we can open them on Christmas Day. A bit lame since we'd rather have him watch us open the gifts from him, but whatever. We made them open theirs. I gave them a family gift of Cranium, since they like board games, and I'm poor and they're hard to shop for. I also gave each of the older kids some candy, and the younger kids some adorable stuffed animals lol.

Alison gave Sarah and Josh hoodies. They liked them.

Rachel took forever to open up her stuffed giraffe, and when she did, she just threw it on the ground. Psh. She'll love it later.

Angela loved her monkey. Damn right.

Dad, Angela and Joanne.

This is a very creepy decoration that Sarah made when she was young. Scary Christmas.

We got a poorly taken but fun family picture. Setting up cameras on bookshelves is hard HAHA.

I got home from dad's around midnight, and immediately scanned the internet for someone to hang out with. Bill was available, so we went for a walk uptown for an hour, and then hung out at Tim Hortons chatting for about 5 hours. It was great. Who doesn't love reconnecting with friends after a couple months? When we got to Tim Hortons, there was no snow. When we left, there was more than 5cm on the ground. It was crazy. On the walk home, I took this lovely shot of myself. Hot!


katrocket said...

Fun! Sounds like a nice family gathering, and yes, that pic of you is super hot. I quite like those specs of yours - they suit you well.

Also, can't stop laughing at Evil Santa Decoration.

stacy said...

what a nice evening!

Step Right Up said...

They are making you wait to open your gifts? Bah humbug!

i am playing outside said...

i agree with everything that the three of you said! it was a great time, but the waiting for presents thing sucks! a whole week to go still! lol