Monday, December 29, 2008

The Christmas Day Pics

I've got a hunch that its going to be a wonderful day...

Darrell and Momma were clearly excited for presents!

Alison and I traded the smallest gifts imagineable.

No, I didnt manage to fit hot rollers into that tiny box.

Alison gave Momma this lovely frame which was sadly overshadowed by my tear-jerking gift.

In keeping with tradition [as noted HERE], Momma gave me a nutcracker. Although even she admits that this gardener nutcracker is hideous. They should stick to being soldiers.

I photographed the exact moment that Momma figured out I got her what she desperately wanted.

It made her cry. What a horrible face.

She eventually composed herself. Momma's trip to Italy is now preserved for life, and people are tricked into looking at 250 pics of it and thinking its cool, rather than a stack of photos HAHA

Alison petting the cat that she is taking care of outside. Ugh.

Later, we went for a walk. Momma sure had fun.

I tested out one of the two new maps that are downtown. A Christmas present to the town I guess LOL

Aren't we an adorable family?

Here is a picture of Jonathon and Anni... They recently got engaged. Woo!

We ended the night with a little Rockband [By little, I mean 5 hours. It was a blast].


pistols at dawn said...

I've always thought my family was a better rock band than a family, and now I've got the chance to find out.

Bec said...

maps downtown, its about time! I always get lost.

i am playing outside said...

pistols ... i hear theyre looking for a new Partridge Family. maybe youre family can get that going. ill download at least one of your albums illegally.