Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Book Club II

Then We Came To The End by Joshua Ferris
I will not be shy about the fact that this book was absolutely fantastic. Basically, if you don't read it at some point, your life will go unfulfilled. hehe.

The book is about a fictional Chicago ad agency facing its demise, and involves all the fun and drama that ensues. The characters are crazy and neurotic and completely fucked up in all the right ways. The book sets up a storyline that you spend most of the time wondering if it will actually happen or not. It does and doesn't all at the same time. It's fantastic! An absolute joy to read. I wouldn't be surprised if I read it again sooner than later. I'm even giving a copy to my aunt for Christmas, which I decided before I even finished reading.

That's before I read the end obviously, which was a brilliant ending. I didn't know how it could all be tied together, but it was so perfect. A style that I would normally hate, but it was done so well. I'm serious. Run out and buy this book right now.

The sad part? This summer, I tried writing a book [when I was bored at work] and it was a huge failure, but this book has the exact same writing style and it is perfect. So I'll just pretend I wrote this book. Does that work? LOL

I would play outside with this book 10/5 times.

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