Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Best Christmas

After 4 hours of sleep, Momma woke me up at 8:20am and the best Christmas ever began.

I slowly made my way downstairs and turned on the kettle in preparation for some hot chocolate with Baileys [I got the last bottle at the LCBO the day before, as part of a set including a martini shaker]. We all headed into the living room and I passed out the gifts, as per tradition. The last one was a little too far back under the tree, and I extended my arm a little too quickly to reach it. It hurt. Gift related injuries suck.

Somehow we managed to stretch out gift opening for like 3 hours. We had the least amount of gifts we've ever gotten, but we had more family fun time, and more discussion about the gifts and life and everything else. It was great! I walked away from it all with some gift cards, a couple DVDs, a couple shirts and a ceramic space heater which I had been ready to buy for myself last week, but Momma bought it since she couldn't think of a last thing to get for me, and it was something I needed. Yay for me saving 90 bucks!

The photobook of my mom's trip to Italy that I made for her made her cry. I'm such a good son LOL. Later, she showed it off to everyone under the sun. People thought it seemed professionally done. That's right. I'm amazing.

Alison gave me a gift that I badmouthed just one day earlier when we were looking at it in the store. Worst brother ever. HAHA. But I like it... I only badmouthed it because [A] It is Burberry Brit cologne, and I wear the superior Burberry London, but I've always wondered about branching out and having multiple scents lol and [B] it is the cologne that stupid Brandon wears. Well screw him, I can wear it too.

Also random, my mom gave me a really nice Perry Ellis belt, but I am returning it because it is TOO NICE. I wanted an everyday belt lol. I'm probably the first person in history that is going to trade a gift in for a crappier item HAHA.

We had a lovely breakfast of french toast, and then I made a coleslaw [under the supervision of Momma] and we did general relaxing. At 4pm we were off to my aunt and uncle's for a big family dinner. We dreaded it. But what we didn't expect was that the entire family wasn't crazy this year. We had an amazing time. The food was great. Everyone was at the top of their game when it came to humour. When things started to shut down, the cousins all crammed into a car and we headed to my other aunt and uncle's place where we rocked out with Rockband until the wee hours of the morning. We had so much fun. And rye. 

Eventually, we got home, and my sister and I had a really nice chat about Christmases past, present and future, and about our family. I wouldn't have traded this Christmas for the world. 

Boxing Day was lacklustre. I went to Wal*Mart with Bill, but I'm too broke right now to have cashed in on the deals. I left my credit card in Ottawa, which was probably a good idea.


Whiskeymarie said...

Yes indeed, you did have a lovely christmas. I'm going to pretend I was there with you since mine was marginally crappy, o.k?

i am playing outside said...

WM, i pretend you're here EVERY day, so Christmas is no exception ;)