Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Network

The geography department at uOttawa is a peculiar place. Our home-away-from-home is the basement and sub-basement of the Simard building, where we gladly spend our days discussing glaciers, forming bizarre maps on slow computers, and reminding each other how we all love our little home-away-from-our-second-home, the Map Library, which is a special section of the 3rd floor of the main campus library; a place where we can go enjoy an aerial photo or find a place to sit, when none of the other 40,000 students would think to go there.

As part of our fun, we have our own special computer network [which, it seems, not too many departments at school do... everyone just uses a common uOttawa account. psh.]. Every month, Jim, the computer guy for our department, adds a lovely new geography-related image to the main page of our department's network. Oddly, there was no image for the first two months of school. But as me and my classmates learned on Monday, November belongs to us.

This picture was taken at the wind farm on our Gaspé trip in September. If everyone didn't already know who we were, we'd be Geography celebrities. Geography celebrities in front of a really big wind turbine blade!

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