Friday, November 14, 2008

The Ice Cream Cake

For approximately three years, I've wanted an ice cream cake. A big one, a small one, a piece of one, half a forkful. I want some friggin' ice cream cake.

Throughout this time, I have been tempted by the possibility of getting to fulfill my wish on several occasions, but each time the plan is thwarted. Other people change their minds, laziness stops us from going, people forget.

Today, I very randomly told Andrew that I was craving ice cream cake, and that he should buy us one. He immediately said he'd get it on his way home from work. I was very excited. I even ate less other crap throughout the day, because I'd be enjoying the ice cream cake so much.

Dairy Queen is closed for the season.

I want a freaking ice cream cake! This hummus and pita just aren't the same. I want vanilla ice cream, chocolate ice cream, icing, that clear gel icing, and the amazingness that is the fudge crumbly stuff in the middle. I want and need it now.

Anyone who buys me some DQ cake gets 5000 points to be cashed in for Michael Land Fun Prizes. They're real, I swear.


pistols at dawn said...

Dairy Queen closes for the season? Thank God I keep a second freezer filled with iced cream treats so that I've never had to find this out.

i am playing outside said...

sadly, SOME Dairy Queens close for winter, while others stay open. The one in my hometown closes. The day it reopens is an event. Apparently the one here in Ottawa that I live right down the street from also closes. Its kind of a trashy DQ though, so whatever. Other ice cream cake options will be researched!

Tim said...

hmm If I had read this sooner I could easily have done this, in the states they sell Ice cream cakes by the side of the roaad, sometimes I buy a whole one just to have one piece and than I throw the rest away. They are of course delicious.

: )
They are okay, I'd give them an 8 out of 10 on the food scale, it's better if you mix the ideas, one level cake with one level of ice cream, and repeat.