Monday, November 17, 2008

The Grilled Disaster

Andrew never ate a grilled cheese sandwich. He's almost 30, and decided it was time. When he turns 40, I think he's going to work his way up to apple juice.

I got home from class, and he had purchased the requisite white bread and cheddar cheese [we already had the margarine]. He had eaten his first sandwich by the time I got home, and he loved it. He cooked me up two of them. The first one started out good, but then the cheese started to pour out. There was too much cheese.

To make a grilled cheese, I use 4 moderately sized slices of cheddar. Andrew used 5 generously sized slices. I swear that his sandwiches contained practically double the maximum limit of cheese consumption for anyone in a 72 hour period.

He watched as I ate the sandwiches... slower and slower... with each bite, more ready to vomit cheese all over the place. I could have fed the neighbours for a day with the amount of cheese that oozed out onto the plate.

I'm not even sure if there was bread. I think it was a grilled ball of cheese, with crumbs attached.

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