Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Cropping

This summer in Renfrew, I poured through every frame, album and box of pictures in my mom's house. I scanned anything I found to be important, with the intention of eventually turning it all into a photo book spanning the first 18 years of my life [after that, its a book each year, since i've now got a digital camera... the books every year part has already begun to happen, so now its time to make the 18 year book. After the scanning and ordering chronologically stage, it was time to crop all the pictures of their white scanner bed borders. Tonight I finally finished the cropping process and I'm left with 1050 pictures that I scanned this summer. Crazy, right? Right. The next step will be to edit and clean up the pictures [i know some will not be salvageable, but i'll try]. I hope that sometime in the next year, I'll have the finished book show up in the mail. But for now, here is a very small selection from my life:

1987: Birth

1988: Baby's first getaway

1992: Backyard superstar

1992: Wedding fun

2000: Newfoundland ferry fun

2001: Skating trip

2002: Red head

2003: Hello, yellow

2003: Alison's wedding

2005: Prom

2005: Merry Christmas


boredmando said...

hehe little mykl

i am playing outside said...


Whiskeymarie said...

Gah, I was 16 when you were BORN.

Love the hair colors- I'm glad someone else went through that phase too.
You look very tall in the wedding picture. Like 8 feet.
Are you a giant?

i am playing outside said...

Whiskey - i carry around a small stepladder with me so i'll look taller than others in pictures. its a little trick i learned when i was 13 ... that's why my legs were never photographed again after that.

but for real, we were standing on steps. the guy i'm leaning on is taller than me. crazy tricks, i tells ya!