Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Aftermath

First of all, congratulations to Barack Obama! I officially have a historic event attached to my birthday!

Last night, Momma and Alison came to Ottawa for birthday dinner and I got my homemade cake just like I have 20 times before. Who knows how many more years my mother will be the one making my cake. I cherish those cakes dearly. It was a great evening!

Today I woke up a full hour early [I'm going to blame daylight saving time]. I did very little studying after I woke up, because I spent 3 hours being bombarded with birthday wishes on MSN and Facebook. By the end of today, 80+ people said Happy Birthday on Facebook, and more said it on MSN, in person and on the phone! Busy day!

I had my last midterm of the semester at 1:00, which went ok I guess. Then home for a bit, then back to school for a waste of time Quaternary Geology lab that COULD have been done at home since everything was just online. Grr. Then I came back home to eat Chinese food and watch the election with Andrew. With 4 minutes left of my birthday, I realized that I needed a birthday drink, so we had some Jameson's, and then we decided that the whiskey needed cigars, so Andrew ran and bought cigars and we enjoyed those with additional whiskey and a lovely chat.

All said and done, it was a nice birthday. Better than I expected. Lots of good wishes, and overall relaxing.

Some fun news! In addition to me sharing my birthday with 6 other people I know [Branden, Genevieve, Greg, Jennie, Jupiter and Steph] there is a good chance that my cousin Cheryl had her baby today, although I never heard anything [but she went into the hospital late last night, so a November 4 baby seemed imminent! Yay! Welcome new baby!

And just for fun, I was awake [not by choice] at 3:10am when my birthday became official. Huzzah!


Stacy said...

happy belated!

sounds like it was a great one.

i am playing outside said...

thank you! :D