Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Ad Agency

The Multiple Sclerosis fund raising commercial goes like this:
"They said we would never fly." [insert footage of first successful airplane flight]
"They said we would never climb Everest." [insert footage of climbing Everest]
"They said we would never walk on the moon." [insert footage of walking on the moon]
"They said Multiple Sclerosis would never be cured."
"Together we will end MS."

The Phillips Arcitec Shaver commercial goes like this:
"Conquered the sky." [insert footage of first successful airplane flight]
"Conquered Mt. Everest." [insert footage of climbing Everest]
"Conquered the moon." [insert footage of landing on the moon]
"Conquered the neck." [insert image of razor]

The two cents from Michael:
I saw these two commercials within 24 hours of each other, both on CNN. How the hell did this happen? My best guess is that one ad agency is lacking ideas. Did the MS people need a cheap commercial [since they're trying to raise money, not spend it], so they just stole Phillips' idea? Did Phillips think 'Hey, lets be assholes? Razors are way cooler than stopping MS?' And why is CNN dumb enough to be airing identical commercials? Haven't they noticed that something is up?

Whatever the outcome, I think its pretty tacky that a razor is putting itself up against fighting a disease. Tsk tsk.


stacy said...

interesting post.

good eye.

i am playing outside said...

thank you :) ... i saw it and i thought 'did i just see that? was that too late at night, and i just imagined it?' so i did my research. i was right. and its so bizarre.

pistols at dawn said...

Also, I never said any of those things in the first ad, mostly because I don't care about the moon and Everest. Quit accusing me, ads.