Friday, October 3, 2008

The Worst Thing Ever

So, you can still read my previous post, titled The Best Thing Ever, but it will have to make room for this post.

Today in the mail, I got a large envelope from my sister. Total postage cost? $1.92. "What fun!" I thought to myself, as I climbed the stairs to my temporary apartment.

I got the envelope inside, sat down at my desk, and dumped out 5 letters.

1. My updated drivers license. Looks good!

2. My updated health card, now with photograph. Looks friggin' terrible!

3. My final hydro bill from the last apartment. Which I had already paid. So it was $0.00. Yay!

4. Confirmation that I owe $22,000 in student loans when I'm done school. This number is lower than I expected by like $6,000+ so I am excited about that. That's not that crazy of a number to have to pay back in what is predicted to be $277/month installments. I'll handle it.

5. Notice that I'm being audited. GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY LIFE. Like I don't have enough crap to worry about right now, I have to track down two past landlords [one who would not give me the information the first time around, so how the fuck will I get it this time? I assume that I'm allowed to sue him if he's withholding my information] and I have to pay fees to get forms from school saying that I attended, even though I already gave the government my fucking forms showing tuition paid and all that when I filed my bloody taxes.



Whiskeymarie said...

I am so clueless that I assumed that getting audited was a special kind of hell we here in the US employed exclusively for ourselves.
I'm also sorry that it makes me feel better that we're not the only ones.
I'm sorry you're getting audited. If you need me to be an alibi for anything, just let me know. I'll totally lie for you.

i am playing outside said...

BAHAHA could you just write me up a recepit for living in an apartment for a year and claim landlordlieness? is that a word? LOL

Anonymous said...

How does a new graduate get picked to be audited? They're tough in Canada!

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

It's only appropriate that your health card photo looks terrible. They probably design it that way so that you look more like the photo when you are sick, eh?

i am playing outside said...

BAHAHA lunchlady, i never thought of that. very appropriate though!

SRU - im not even a graduate yet! i'm still in the struggling through school phase! lol