Friday, October 3, 2008

The Sun

WARNING: After writing this post, I realize how annoying it is. But its about happy things in my life, so if you just block out all the bracketed areas and the weather references, you'll be fine. Please don't judge my whole blog based on this particular post. That's all I ask.

Here is one of those times where people use dumb metaphors for things you don't want to hear about or care about. My life is full of sunshine and happiness again. Yay!

The past 24+ hours has been pretty great. Sunny, if you will. Here's why!

Last night, my best friend from living in rez, Jess, surprised me by sitting with me in class. I guess she saw me last week and was like 'hey, I shall sit with him next time!' and we chatted and it was great. For the first time in 4 years, I have a friend in one of my psych classes [psych being my minor that i care little about. I have lots of geography friends]. So, rekindling old friendships, like the brightness of kindling on a fire [or something], is sunny!

This morning, I had a Biogeography midterm. I did not study much [cloudy!] [no, this is not the weather channel] and people told me that it was going to be a HARD midterm, so I was worried. By I think I did very well! There was only one question that I didn't have an answer for at all, and it was worth the least amount of marks. Everything else was entire pages filled with writing. And small writing! Not the big kind! I think I did much better than I expected, and I totally felt Sunny.

Then, as I left the class, I became friends with a fellow classmate, as we discussed the midterm and other classes while we walked. He's just a 3rd year, so I was kind of telling him what to avoid LOL. New friend? Sunny! And his name is Chris [this is the first time im ever including a person's full name in my blog, so please don't stalk him and/or kill him] Carter, which any The X Files fans [Amanda] would know is VERY SUNNY!

The final thing is clearly the sunniest thing of all. This afternoon, I bought tickets for three weeks from now to see Cirque du Soleil. WHO ISN'T EXCITED FOR ME? I mean its literally called Sun Circus. How much sunnier could that get? I am totally excited to go to this. It will be so classy! I'll even wear nice things! Huzzah!

Oh, one more sunny thing. I've got an appointment on SUNday to see an apartment. Its a cheap bachelor in a great location. I'm sure there's a catch, like its hideous or just a closet under the stairs, or I have to live with a rotting corpse or something, but I hope it goes well! The guy seemed nice on the phone. Lets all think sunny thoughts for me! And for all of you as well!

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