Friday, October 17, 2008

The Report

Remember that time in early September, when I went to Gaspé for a week and it was really awesome? I saw great sights, made great friends, and generally enjoyed awesomeness. Oh. We did research too.

Well, now that research is coming back to haunt me. It's officially crunch time for the large field report that I have to hand in on Monday. It was supposed to be due today, but luck of the draw [or at least the drawing up of the school calendar] placed uOttawa Day on this glorious day. What's that, you ask? Well my friend, uOttawa Day is a precious day off school, while it is open to thousands upon thousands of Grade 12 students for an open house. Did I mention us university students have it off?

Now, I have every Friday off, so this one wouldn't be that special to me. But, because there are no classes, there is to be no handing in assignments. Thus, a Monday due date was born!

I have spent about 12-15 hours so far pouring over collected data, and creating every type of chart and diagram known to man. Even some new ones that I came up with on my own. Here are two examples:

This friendly fellow is a picture of where there was rocks and where there was grass along two 30m stretches. Dumb.

And this guy? He is showing you the direction the rocks were pointing in. Oh god I wish I was making this up. Don't ask me how to READ the diagram. I just made it using the program. Okay? Cool.

So its now time for the writeup. It is a maximum of 4000 words, and I've already covered like 700 words or something. Basically I just have to yammer on about all the graphs and things I've made. I would desperately like to finish all that TONIGHT, but it needs to be done by 3pm Saturday at the very latest, because I've got big plans after that point.

So, that is due on Monday. What else? How about TWO Biogeography labs, and midterms in both Quaternary Geology AND Psychopathology. What an awful day. I'll be happy at 8:30pm Monday night when its all done, but I can't promise any form of happiness sooner than that.

Finally, since it has been a full week since my trip to Renfrew for Thanksgiving shenanigans, and I never posted about that, I'm just going to toss you another lovely slide show. I hope you enjoy it. I should have some great pictures from this weekend [here's hoping] that I can regale you with early next week. Until then, take care and enjoy the rest of uOttawa Day! ;)

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