Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Ramblings

I don't really know what to write about today, but I miss writing the blog, so I've gotta give you guys SOMETHING I guess.

Life has been very tiring lately. Not only have I not been sleeping very much, but I've been constantly on the go, but when I'm not, my life has been continually jam packed with drama.

I've been talking a lot to my friends from days gone by. It seems I'm not the only person from my rez days that misses how things were back then. I guess this last year of school is really starting to get to everyone. Last night I found out that Nicole is in Australia for a year managing a manufacturing company. Why the hell am I not in Australia!? ... And the other day, Lars and I chatted for a while, and apologized for being such hateful roommates. That was a really nice thing in my life. I know he's a good guy, but living in a tiny room with someone else for 8 months would make anyone hate the other person!

The apartment hunt is still on, but the future roommate seems to be excited to find a great place and then let me know when he does, so that's cool. Its nice to not have to worry about it too much! Just as long as he finds us a freaking place! Ugh. I'm such a stress case these days.

But school is going well, aside from the fact that my poor sleep habits have made me miss a class or two lately. Oh well. I'm getting through it.

I'm going to spend the rest of the day doing things I enjoy. I'm going to create. I'm going to sing as loud as I want. I'm going to have a nice Michael day. I hope you guys all have nice Michael days too. But maybe make them your own day. Like a Janie day, or a Dorris Day. Hugs for everyone! [because I need them]


Anonymous said...

I learned after sharing a room with one of my best friends, at the time, for a summer to NEVER share even an apt or house with a friend.

Stacy said...

hugs for michael!

get some sleep - it'll do you some real good.

i am playing outside said...

thank you! ... i have been getting more sleep, which is nice, but i've still been my busy self! oh well! i'll live!