Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Good Stuff

I've been happy lately! Isn't that exciting? I think so!

I have been meeting lots of great new people, as well as seeing and talking to some people from the past, so things are going well. This past weekend I went out to a fun little party and had a blast! Best time ever! lol Naturally, I met someone really nice that lives in Montreal. The good ones always live far away. Its the law. But I guess I'll just have another reason to go there again someday soon [and have a free place to stay HAHA].

What else is happy? Amy Pohler had a baby! And what else? The first trailer for season 5 of Lost is out! What happy things!

Tonight for supper, I made an incredible lasagna. I also learned that lasagne is the plural of lasagna. Who knew!?

Sadly, I think I may be getting sick. Andrew is sick, and I'm starting to get that very special feeling :(

Lets just get this over with before my friggin' birthday next week! It's already going to be boring enough with a midterm in the afternoon and class 5:30-8:30. I can't also be sick on my birthday! This isn't 1991 with chicken pox, for goodness sake!


boredmando said...

How dare you mention lasagna while I'm sitting here hungry!

I'm not a fan of the name Archie, I feel the funniness may be forced upon this child. I also feel that maybe Archie wasn't really funny at all. Jughead rocked though.

Also, I was always confused by the whole Veronica/Ronnie thing. I thought they were two people, since the comic never referred to her as both in the same comic (to my knowledge).

i am playing outside said...

ive never read an archie or a veronica or a betty or a pussycat dolls or a sabrina or anything else in the archie family. and dont you totally hate scrappy doo?

i think Archie Arnett is a dumb name too. kid's gonna get beat up by Apple and Suri. and that's saying quite a bit lol

Anonymous said...

I shall wish you a Happy Birthday early as I have decided that after Thursday I will not be back to blogging nor facebook until December. My head needs a rest.

i am playing outside said...

GASP! You can't! Can't I say! And I didn't even know you had facebook! Gasp!