Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Eyes

I am avoiding doing my homework at all costs, but this is pretty much my last moment of freedom before that begins, so I shall recount the tale of my visit to the eye doctor on Saturday.

It had been two years since my last visit, and my lenses were so badly scratched that my glasses were probably doing more harm than good, so off I went to get an eye exam [$114 ... what the hell!? And that's with a student discount!]. I really like going to the optometrist. I think its fun. I kind of like when people are doing medical tests on me. Yes, I'm a freak.

I looked in the first machine at the little farmhouse. Then I looked into the next machine and got shot in the eyes with the poofs of air. Hate that! But I'm getting better at it! Next, I went to a new machine which took a picture of the inside of my eye. Cool! Sadly, that machine was a bad one for me... you need to be lined up well [so the woman was basically grabbing my head and forcing me into position lol] and your eyes need to be wide open [I'm kind of a squinter] and you're not allowed to blink [I'm kind of a blinker]. As per procedure, they taped my eye open, with my eyelashes being taped to my forehead. Awkward! Well, like I said, I'm a blinker, and when the camera flashed, I blinked so hard that I ripped the fucking tape right off my forehead! The woman said she'd only ever seen that one or two other times LOL.

Then I went in to see the new optometrist, since apparently the old one moved to BC. But I totally feel like I did have that optometrist before, so I think I was being lied to. He did all the little tests, then looked at my multitude of eye photos [which were all eyelash-filled] and was also shocked that I blinked the tape off my forehead. He then pointed out that I have a freckle in my eye, which I thought was totally freakish, but he said its common, and since then I've heard two other people say they have them, so that's weird HAHA.

Next, I hurried on over [all the way next door in the mall] to Lenscrafters so they could steal my wallet, empty my bank account and beat me over the head with a cartoon mallet, just to rub it in that they were robbing me. [I would say robbing me blind, but I just got my new eye prescription, and I was in a glasses store]. To ensure proper alignment of my new lenses, a woman with a cool name that I now forget [It seemed Egyptian to me. And no, it wasn't Cleopatra] put a machine up to my eyes to determine where they are on my mug, and she exclaimed "You're perfect!" ... I was all like "Guh?" and she was all like "Your eyes are perfect. You are symetrical."

I always new I had a pretty decent face. I just didn't know I was perfect. I guess if both your eyes being 29.5mm from the center of your face equals perfection, then I am perfect. But umm, I always thought that it took a little more than eye alignment to be perfect. Ya know?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Lameness

Mr. Weather Man promised 30cm of snow for our first snowfall. After that snowfall began, it was downgraded to 15cm. People were in a panic. The world was going to end with this very snowfall.

21.5 hours later, judging from this picture outside my window, there is about 2cm of snow out there. Thank god everybody panicked like freaks. Have these people never been to Canada before!?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The First Snow: 2008

At 5:12pm, snow started falling outside my window for the first time this year. Yes I know that's exactly when it started, because I've been waiting for it to start all day.

Oddly enough, as you can read HERE, October 28 was the first day of snow in Ottawa last year too! What a fun coincidence! Although we're supposed to get up to 30cm by morning, whereas last year was just a little snowfall.

Talking to Mando, she said that she hopes its all snowy and freezing on Halloween so that the children need to wear their snowsuits over their costumes. That hasn't been the case the past several years, but we had to live through that, so the kids of today should too! Bring on winter!

The Good Stuff

I've been happy lately! Isn't that exciting? I think so!

I have been meeting lots of great new people, as well as seeing and talking to some people from the past, so things are going well. This past weekend I went out to a fun little party and had a blast! Best time ever! lol Naturally, I met someone really nice that lives in Montreal. The good ones always live far away. Its the law. But I guess I'll just have another reason to go there again someday soon [and have a free place to stay HAHA].

What else is happy? Amy Pohler had a baby! And what else? The first trailer for season 5 of Lost is out! What happy things!

Tonight for supper, I made an incredible lasagna. I also learned that lasagne is the plural of lasagna. Who knew!?

Sadly, I think I may be getting sick. Andrew is sick, and I'm starting to get that very special feeling :(

Lets just get this over with before my friggin' birthday next week! It's already going to be boring enough with a midterm in the afternoon and class 5:30-8:30. I can't also be sick on my birthday! This isn't 1991 with chicken pox, for goodness sake!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Ramblings

I don't really know what to write about today, but I miss writing the blog, so I've gotta give you guys SOMETHING I guess.

Life has been very tiring lately. Not only have I not been sleeping very much, but I've been constantly on the go, but when I'm not, my life has been continually jam packed with drama.

I've been talking a lot to my friends from days gone by. It seems I'm not the only person from my rez days that misses how things were back then. I guess this last year of school is really starting to get to everyone. Last night I found out that Nicole is in Australia for a year managing a manufacturing company. Why the hell am I not in Australia!? ... And the other day, Lars and I chatted for a while, and apologized for being such hateful roommates. That was a really nice thing in my life. I know he's a good guy, but living in a tiny room with someone else for 8 months would make anyone hate the other person!

The apartment hunt is still on, but the future roommate seems to be excited to find a great place and then let me know when he does, so that's cool. Its nice to not have to worry about it too much! Just as long as he finds us a freaking place! Ugh. I'm such a stress case these days.

But school is going well, aside from the fact that my poor sleep habits have made me miss a class or two lately. Oh well. I'm getting through it.

I'm going to spend the rest of the day doing things I enjoy. I'm going to create. I'm going to sing as loud as I want. I'm going to have a nice Michael day. I hope you guys all have nice Michael days too. But maybe make them your own day. Like a Janie day, or a Dorris Day. Hugs for everyone! [because I need them]

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Report

Remember that time in early September, when I went to Gaspé for a week and it was really awesome? I saw great sights, made great friends, and generally enjoyed awesomeness. Oh. We did research too.

Well, now that research is coming back to haunt me. It's officially crunch time for the large field report that I have to hand in on Monday. It was supposed to be due today, but luck of the draw [or at least the drawing up of the school calendar] placed uOttawa Day on this glorious day. What's that, you ask? Well my friend, uOttawa Day is a precious day off school, while it is open to thousands upon thousands of Grade 12 students for an open house. Did I mention us university students have it off?

Now, I have every Friday off, so this one wouldn't be that special to me. But, because there are no classes, there is to be no handing in assignments. Thus, a Monday due date was born!

I have spent about 12-15 hours so far pouring over collected data, and creating every type of chart and diagram known to man. Even some new ones that I came up with on my own. Here are two examples:

This friendly fellow is a picture of where there was rocks and where there was grass along two 30m stretches. Dumb.

And this guy? He is showing you the direction the rocks were pointing in. Oh god I wish I was making this up. Don't ask me how to READ the diagram. I just made it using the program. Okay? Cool.

So its now time for the writeup. It is a maximum of 4000 words, and I've already covered like 700 words or something. Basically I just have to yammer on about all the graphs and things I've made. I would desperately like to finish all that TONIGHT, but it needs to be done by 3pm Saturday at the very latest, because I've got big plans after that point.

So, that is due on Monday. What else? How about TWO Biogeography labs, and midterms in both Quaternary Geology AND Psychopathology. What an awful day. I'll be happy at 8:30pm Monday night when its all done, but I can't promise any form of happiness sooner than that.

Finally, since it has been a full week since my trip to Renfrew for Thanksgiving shenanigans, and I never posted about that, I'm just going to toss you another lovely slide show. I hope you enjoy it. I should have some great pictures from this weekend [here's hoping] that I can regale you with early next week. Until then, take care and enjoy the rest of uOttawa Day! ;)

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Thanks

This weekend is Thanksgiving up here in Canada. Our crops are ready and yours aren't TAKE THAT!

I'm giving thanks that I get to go home and be with my family. The past 6 weeks spent in Ottawa have pretty much been hell. I need 4 days to go away from that and not think about it. I miss home, I miss my friends and family, and I miss the days when I wasn't being plagued by stress. I think I'm going to get an ulcer.

What are you guys thankful for?

By the way, if anyone wants to send some general good vibes my way, I'm always accepting. And if you want to send me some mail, just let me know. I love mail HAHA. No flyers or bombs, please. :P

Friday, October 3, 2008

The Worst Thing Ever

So, you can still read my previous post, titled The Best Thing Ever, but it will have to make room for this post.

Today in the mail, I got a large envelope from my sister. Total postage cost? $1.92. "What fun!" I thought to myself, as I climbed the stairs to my temporary apartment.

I got the envelope inside, sat down at my desk, and dumped out 5 letters.

1. My updated drivers license. Looks good!

2. My updated health card, now with photograph. Looks friggin' terrible!

3. My final hydro bill from the last apartment. Which I had already paid. So it was $0.00. Yay!

4. Confirmation that I owe $22,000 in student loans when I'm done school. This number is lower than I expected by like $6,000+ so I am excited about that. That's not that crazy of a number to have to pay back in what is predicted to be $277/month installments. I'll handle it.

5. Notice that I'm being audited. GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY LIFE. Like I don't have enough crap to worry about right now, I have to track down two past landlords [one who would not give me the information the first time around, so how the fuck will I get it this time? I assume that I'm allowed to sue him if he's withholding my information] and I have to pay fees to get forms from school saying that I attended, even though I already gave the government my fucking forms showing tuition paid and all that when I filed my bloody taxes.


The Best Thing Ever




The Sun

WARNING: After writing this post, I realize how annoying it is. But its about happy things in my life, so if you just block out all the bracketed areas and the weather references, you'll be fine. Please don't judge my whole blog based on this particular post. That's all I ask.

Here is one of those times where people use dumb metaphors for things you don't want to hear about or care about. My life is full of sunshine and happiness again. Yay!

The past 24+ hours has been pretty great. Sunny, if you will. Here's why!

Last night, my best friend from living in rez, Jess, surprised me by sitting with me in class. I guess she saw me last week and was like 'hey, I shall sit with him next time!' and we chatted and it was great. For the first time in 4 years, I have a friend in one of my psych classes [psych being my minor that i care little about. I have lots of geography friends]. So, rekindling old friendships, like the brightness of kindling on a fire [or something], is sunny!

This morning, I had a Biogeography midterm. I did not study much [cloudy!] [no, this is not the weather channel] and people told me that it was going to be a HARD midterm, so I was worried. By I think I did very well! There was only one question that I didn't have an answer for at all, and it was worth the least amount of marks. Everything else was entire pages filled with writing. And small writing! Not the big kind! I think I did much better than I expected, and I totally felt Sunny.

Then, as I left the class, I became friends with a fellow classmate, as we discussed the midterm and other classes while we walked. He's just a 3rd year, so I was kind of telling him what to avoid LOL. New friend? Sunny! And his name is Chris [this is the first time im ever including a person's full name in my blog, so please don't stalk him and/or kill him] Carter, which any The X Files fans [Amanda] would know is VERY SUNNY!

The final thing is clearly the sunniest thing of all. This afternoon, I bought tickets for three weeks from now to see Cirque du Soleil. WHO ISN'T EXCITED FOR ME? I mean its literally called Sun Circus. How much sunnier could that get? I am totally excited to go to this. It will be so classy! I'll even wear nice things! Huzzah!

Oh, one more sunny thing. I've got an appointment on SUNday to see an apartment. Its a cheap bachelor in a great location. I'm sure there's a catch, like its hideous or just a closet under the stairs, or I have to live with a rotting corpse or something, but I hope it goes well! The guy seemed nice on the phone. Lets all think sunny thoughts for me! And for all of you as well!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Anger Vortex

You know what? I've decided that I am not a drama vortex, but an anger vortex. Andrew has really pissed me off and said some very horrible things to me, and I have 2 months to move out. I have every right to be angry, and I'm not hiding it. I will gladly take my time to find a new apartment so that I can get something I like, and he can go ahead and suffer by living with someone that he doesn't want to. I've paid my rent, and this place is every bit mine as it is his right now.

Remember less than a month ago when I wrote the VERY nice Post With No Title? I do. I told the world that I wanted things to work out with him. But he's been so awful to me, and everyone gets to know about it. So I take back what I said in that post, because he has made it so impossible for those nice things to be true.

Again, if you need a roommate or have a non-hellhole bachelor apartment for a good price in Ottawa, let me know!