Saturday, September 27, 2008

The World Traveller

That's my mom on the right, and her coworker/friend Susan on the left. It is not a fantastic picture, but they are in Florence, Italy, and I'm super jealous. Not pictured: the other three people on the trip. LOL

Last night I got the following postcard from my mom [the picture was emailed the other day].

Sept. 21/08

Dear Michael,

Hi there. Having a great time. The weather, people, food & sites are awesome. We spent 2 days in Rome and are off to Florence today. We've met some nice people in our tour group. The flight was good and on time. Lots of walking & eating. Hope all is well there. Hope school is going well. I'll call when I get home. See you at Thanksgiving.

Love, Mom

Does everyone else miss her as much as I do? Cuz I sure do.


Bec said...

I miss her, I was in Renfrew this weekend and was very sad about the fact that there was no chance of running into Betty at Cocos lol

Anonymous said...

I'm jealous, too. I sit at my desk in the midwest while your mom is galavanting around Italy. What is wrong with this picture?

i am playing outside said...

I think the first problem is that you live in the midwest LOL

step right up said...

I totally agree with you there!