Saturday, September 27, 2008

The World Traveller

That's my mom on the right, and her coworker/friend Susan on the left. It is not a fantastic picture, but they are in Florence, Italy, and I'm super jealous. Not pictured: the other three people on the trip. LOL

Last night I got the following postcard from my mom [the picture was emailed the other day].

Sept. 21/08

Dear Michael,

Hi there. Having a great time. The weather, people, food & sites are awesome. We spent 2 days in Rome and are off to Florence today. We've met some nice people in our tour group. The flight was good and on time. Lots of walking & eating. Hope all is well there. Hope school is going well. I'll call when I get home. See you at Thanksgiving.

Love, Mom

Does everyone else miss her as much as I do? Cuz I sure do.


Bec said...

I miss her, I was in Renfrew this weekend and was very sad about the fact that there was no chance of running into Betty at Cocos lol

Step Right Up said...

I'm jealous, too. I sit at my desk in the midwest while your mom is galavanting around Italy. What is wrong with this picture?

i am playing outside said...

I think the first problem is that you live in the midwest LOL

step right up said...

I totally agree with you there!