Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Quarry

School has started off pretty well, and since I'm now taking a good multivitamin, I am staying awake in all my classes except for Biogeography which is exceptionally boring. So boring that spell check doesn't even recognize its existence.

This afternoon, my Quaternary Geology class went to [abandoned] Cantley Quarry [in, you guessed it, Cantley!] which is in Quebec. I learned today that while the class for me is considered a 3rd year geography class [which I'm taking with 6 of my fellow 4th year friends] but it is also considered a 2nd year geology class, which is why it is packed to the brim with the wee childrens. Well, since it is mainly a geology class, the geology students [see: childrens] actually knew what was going on, and us older [see: awesome] geography students were totally clueless. But what we did have on our side was a previous trip to Cantley Quarry in the 2nd year geography class Geomorphology. Take that, childrens.

We looked at a large hunk of marble which is covered with striations thanks to glacial erosion. With our trusty compasses, we measured the orientation of them. Like 3 of them. And the numbers were a little more varied than they probably should be. Oh well.

This is the quarry itself. Can I get an ooo and/or ahh? Remember, I've been to this pathetic hole TWICE now.

This is Kerri thinking "What the hell are we supposed to do, and why do the childrens know but we don't?"

This friendly fellow is an example of glacial quarrying. Quarrying in a quarry! Oh my! But the ice did it! Oh my again!

This object is a rat and tail, and is totally iconic in the uOttawa geography department since we see pictures of it constantly in classes, and we have now visited it twice. TWICE.

This is a lovely feature, no?

This is me because I bring out the true awesomeness of Cantley Quarry.

Yay geography!


Bec said...

YA! Cantley quarry post!!!! lol I don't know why you don't love cantley, its so fun :) The church is about the size of your kitchen and it doesnt have running water! They use an outhouse... My favorite Cantley memory is going to check the cows with my grandpa and my sister. Basicly some of the cows live by themselves in Cantley while the rest are at the farm in Gatineau where my grandparents live(bc why would you want to live in Cantley)so someone has to go make sure the cows have food and are still alive. Anyways when my grandpa left us alone in the truck we were attacked by a cow. Well basicly it stuck its head in the window, it was very scary for Athena and I. So now you see that Cantley can be fun, I mean outhouses, tiny churches and killer cows, how could it not be amazing!

i am playing outside said...

lol you got to see the glamourous side of Cantley with your outhouses and killer cows. all i got to see was some old rocks lol

Steve said...

i've been mia lately, but man, it took me 45 mins to catch up on all th posts!
furthermore... it finishes like this? so anticlimacticly?

Stacy said...

i love these photos!

and may i say you're looking very handsome.

i am playing outside said...

aaw thank you :) ... my neck looks a little red for some reason, but i guess i look good other than that HAHA.

Anonymous said...

Umm this might actually seem rather random but im working on the exact lab, its killing me cause i seriosuly have no clue wats going on in this lab, i have measurements n stuff but the lab is just non-sense, i searched cantley quarry on google n found your page. i also go to ottawa u so i was wondering if you still had your lab? Gte back to me if you can or if you ever get this.
I know htis is really random but im in need of serious HELP!
Ooh you can reach me at amallittle@hotmail.com, im one of the "childrens"