Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Murse

And now, mainly for Bomber, here are the contents of my murse. I used to carry all these things in my packpack, so its not a crazy stretch that I have them in a different bag now.

The murse itself. It was even on secret sale. Woo!

My USB has its own little pocket.

So does my gum. This isn't my normal brand, but its all they had.

I carry my keys.

And my sexy wallet.

There is a union jack strap holding in my pen.

A pocket for my change [which there is little of currently].

Some room for a good bus reading book. I'm currently working on One Red Paperclip by Kyle McLaughlin. You know, the One Red Paperclip guy. It's very good!

I also take a notebook to school to document those precious classroom memories.

My Spiderman pencil case goes under used, but I feel it likes to travel.

I've also got an ever-important lock.

And no one should go anywhere without matches.

Umbrellas are nice on these awful days that we've been having. Even though I never use it. But I've got it!

And finally, you never know when you're gonna need these.

I hope you've enjoyed the tour of my murse. Please come again!


Poobomber said...

There's room in there for a midget still!

i am playing outside said...

you're right!