Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Front Row

Would the student who sits in the front row of the class, with whom I was talking after class and who is from Hamilton, please email me or call my office when you get this message.

-Philip Firestone

What a creepy message to mass email to your students. This is the type of thing I came home to tonight. Why is this person being contacted? What did they talk about? Who was it? Why didn't I go to this class tonight?

Well, I know the answer to why I didn't go to the class. It is boring. And Philip Firestone himself said that we didn't have to go to the class since everything is online anyway, and you listen to a person with a name as powerful as Philip Firestone. Say it with me: Philip Firestone.

Did you enjoy that?

So why didn't I go to class? Well, I was instead writing my Sandstone lab for my Quaternary Geology class. There were sadly no pictures of that field trip, since my camera batteries were not charged. Hopefully I'll get some good pics on tomorrow's trip to yet another quarry. Look forward to those, my friends!

Also tonight, I ate supper, watched Heroes with Andrew and Brandon [lets all welcome Brandon to my blog. "Hi, Brandon!"], ate a McFlurry, watched more TV, then went for a long drive [also with Brandon]. It was a good night. And school is overrated.

Alas, I am now drunk with fatigue, and I shall go off to my nicely made bed.

Also of note, I have purchased a fantastic Ben Sherman murse [my first] and it makes me feel like a better person. Yay, retail therapy LOL.

I'm getting gayer every day.


Poobomber said...

Murse? HAHAHA, that's hilarious!!

What the hell do you put in it?? I'd probably fill it with junk food if I had one!

step right up said...

I found that I made better grades in many of my college classes for having perfect attendance. So if I was on the fence between an A and a B, many of my professors chose the A because I put forth the effort to be there every session. Just remember that you skipper!

Oh, and I find the new Wendy's chocolate and vanilla swirled Frosty with Oreos mixed in superior to the McFlurry. Give it a try!

i am playing outside said...

bomber- see the next post.

SRU- i have definitely had the chocolate frosty but with M&Ms [my fave]. i love it. LOVE IT. it got me through the summer. but wendy's is way way down the street, and not within walking distance. HOWEVER, i think the one size only thing is terrible. sometimes i buy one, eat it, and then need another one because it was NOT big enough. LOVE THEM.

Stacy said...

gayer everyday!? so funny!

boredmando said...

Drunk with fatigue is my most favourite saying EVER

i am playing outside said...

i said it just for you :D