Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Drama Vortex

Kerri described me best on the Gaspé field trip a few weeks ago when she called me a drama vortex. I'm not just a drama queen, but drama swirls around me, encircling my body and encompassing my life.

Trying to coexist peacefully has not worked, so Andrew has decided to take a valiant stance and kick me to the curb like so many pizza boxes and broken doll arms. Or himself.

Basically, I've got "some time" to either find an apartment and leave, or find a roommate and Andrew will leave. As a student, this apartment is very affordable, and I don't really think I'd care to leave, especially since I moved in 30 days ago. I would really prefer to live alone, but doing that in a respectable bachelor apartment [does that exist in Ottawa?] for a respectable student's price would be just about impossible. Respectably.

So if anyone out there in Ottawa needs a roommate or an apartment, let me know RIGHT NOW and I'll judge you harshly in order to see if I could live with you. I'm a tough one when it comes to that.

Side note: You're thinking "Hey Michael, why did you post 3 posts within the last hour of September?". Well you're in luck, because I've got an answer for you! You should recall that I like to post at least 10 times in a month to keep my readers entertained. Yesterday, I resigned to the fact that I would fail that mission for the first time ever this month. But then, at literally the 11th hour, I had three topics to cover. Can we get a Mission Accomplished banner up in here?

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