Monday, September 22, 2008

The Business

See what I did there? You thought this post was going to be about that brand new multi-billion dollar business enterprise I opened up on Thursday, thus causing me to refrain from posting. You were wrong though. This is about more than that. Busy-ness.

School started off with a bang, and they're making me dance cuz the gun is loaded to the max and they don't stop firing.

It is late and you shall now pretend I didn't just ramble on about school being a gun.

Also, it is 11:35pm. That's my new late. I'm growing up!

ANYWAY... I have not stopped standing in lines, buying books, seeing friends, having drinks, going to class, trying to stay awake in class, taking multivitamins to stay awake in class, sampling sediments [mmm, dirt!] walking places, busing places, buying things, trying things [i've officially picked some Starbucks faves and have become one of THOSE people]. And the readings they want me to have down by now? When the hell am I supposed to sleep and eat and wash myself?

On another note, I'm hungry, sleep deprived, and I smell bad.

Tomorrow I hand in my first assignment of the year. Friday I hand in an essay outline, Monday I hand in two labs, Tuesday I hand in another lab... this is how things are going for me. And now they start a new TV season as if I have time for that!? The nerve of these people! Go back on strike!

But things are going relatively well. Andrew and I haven't slaughtered each other, and my room is finally a lovely place to be, not complete chaos.

In summary, $50 bucks to the first person who writes one of my papers for me, or succinctly summarizes my textbooks. I swear.


The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

You'll just have to get the TV shows you missed on Netflix next year.

I missed a lot of must see TV when I went to school at night and as a result there are actually some episodes of Friends and Seinfeld I still haven't seen. So exciting.

i am playing outside said...

you've missed some of Friends and Seinfeld? BLASPHEMY!