Monday, August 11, 2008

The Top Five

I have so many blog stories rattling around in my head, but I'm only going to write one. But I'll give you a sneak peak at the other finalists, and you can create your own story based around them.

5. I am so done with my job. No, not ACTUALLY done, but I'm emotionally done. As if I still have 14 days left. Get me out of there!

4. I think I am getting strep throat. I'll find out tomorrow at the Arnprior Hospital, since the Renfrew Hospital treated me like shit today.

3. My sister is making my life a living hell. She's being the biggest [YOUR FAVOURITE EXPLETIVE HERE!] in the world. And I have to live with her for 18 more days. It literally makes me cry.

2. After waiting 4 hours in the Renfrew Hospital waiting room to get checked out for strep throat, I was treated so incredibly rudely by the doctor that I wasn't even able to stick around to be looking at. I left, I wrote a lengthy complaint, and I went home and cried.

If you've maybe noticed a theme, I've been crying a lot. I'm unhappy being in Renfrew at this point, and I'm here until the 29th. Thankfully Andrew will come visit this weekend. That's really all I have to look forward to right now.

1. Here we are... the winner. I didn't want to bitch too much about my personal life in one post, so I will bitch about a different Michael.

I am a huge fan of the Olympics. I look past the intense political bullshit of the IOC, and I forget the horrible human rights in China, because in the end, the Olympics are about the athletes and their stories. But tonight, I watched CBC's daily edition of The Olympian, which focuses on an athlete [often Canadian, but not always]. Tonight: Michael Phelps.

Now, I must give credit where it is due: Superfish is the best swimmer in the world, hands down. But multiple times during the segment, he is referred to as the greatest Olympian ever, by his coach and POSSIBLY himself, but don't quote me on that.

I have a big problem with this. I don't think that "the Greatest Olympian Ever" should be judged based on number of medals. Michael Phelps is in 8 events that last a couple of minutes each. So MAYBE he competes for half an hour during the games.

The winner of the triathlon puts in a couple hours of competition in one shot... the racers cover 51.5 kilometers of distance total [in the water, on a bike and then on foot]. Michael Phelps will cover about 4km in swimming in 7 days.

So I really don't think that Michael Phelps, or ANYONE, can be called the best Olympian ever. There is only one triathlon. There are 8 swimming races. If there was only one swimming race, then no one would care about Michael Phelps. If he's going to be the best swimmer in 5 of the races, well of course he's going to do well in all 8. Ya know?

Go Canada.


minijonb said...

i love top five lists. this one was pretty good. sorry to hear about your doctor issues. i hope the next place treats you better.

i am playing outside said...

im glad you like lists. i also do. please give me a list of other things you like.

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

I'm bored with Phelps already and the Olympics in general - every time I try to watch its either Dressage or Synchronized Diving. (or Phelps).