Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Oakdale

Between Renfrew and Arnprior, 14 minutes from my house [that is and always has been and always will be the exact figure], there are three model homes. They have been there for as long as I can remember, and are provided by Seahawk Homes. The third house is a boring basic house with blue siding. The second is a boring basic house with fake brick siding. But the third, dubbed "The Oakdale," is this beauty:

It is so nice and wooden and windowy. Now I'm not saying this is the nicest house in the world, but it is by far the nicest of the three houses at this particular corner on the highway.

Like I said, these houses have been there for many, many years. In 2003 [I don't know why, but that seems right] a company called Bonneville Homes built three of their own show houses about two minutes down the road [that's 16 minutes from my house]. Their houses are nicer. Also, they rotate their houses. In 5 years, there have been 7 houses there. Yes, I track these useless things.

With all this Bonneville Home up-to-date-ness, I've often wondered why the hell Seahawk Homes never get replaced.

Yesterday, there was some damage to my precious Oakdale.

Today, Oakdale is a cement platform.

Goodbye, Oakdale. I loved you. Quick and painless death, I guess.

The Seahawk website [which is based in Arnprior, which I did not know, and which produces both modular and custom built houses, which seems like quite the vast array of services] says that new houses are on their way in 2008. That's this year!

They better do justice to Oakdale. That's all I'm sayin'.


Bec said...

OMG I actualy toured Oakdale once with my dad and sister. My parents were thinking of moving and my dad thought that would be a nice house to have built for our family. However Athena and I didn't like it bc it only had 3 bedrooms and we no longer wanted to share. then the guy spent a lot of time convincing us that it would be no problem to add a 4th bedroom to the house or that maybe we could get cool bunk beds(why he cared so what 6&7 year olds thought I have no idea, its not like we really had any say)

i am playing outside said...

hahaha that's awesome! :D but if you had bought it, then you wouldnt live a block away! lol

Anonymous said...

I am an owner of a Sea Hawk Home.
Would I buy another home from them ? Definitely NOT !!!

1. What they say they will deliver is not what they do deliver.
2. Firm Price Quotes >> My final charges just from "Sea Hawk" the "Whole" sale price were about another $20,000.00
3. No warranties at all on anything they do. >>The Tarion Warranty from Ontario only covers a new build completed in total (all utilities and services )
4. Must pay completely > all up front > prior to the modular home is placed on the foundation without an inspection (by anyone)of the home on site and with time to flesh out any problems. No inspection by you or anyone else. No price hold back that would give the buyer time to assess and address any deficiences or problems.
5. Home as delivered requires substantial work just to make it weather tight. This work cost over $8000 to have completed and required completion immediately to prevent damage as a result of exposure to the weather. This work also required an experienced professional trained carpenter and was well beyond the skills of a handyman, weekend carpenter, or a labourer's skills.
6. The pictures and blueprints that you are shown are not inclusive. As an example - models with a garage shown : Garage comes in a "Kit"- and is packaged and attached to 1 of the house modules. The garage requires complete assembly that is not included in the "Firm Price" you were given.
7. Details such as code requirements for the minimum distance from heating system venting were not accounted for and required correction by the "Home Owner" and his Carpenter.
8. The contract that they have you sign is ambiguous and gives no rights of redress or complaint to the Buyer !!! I'm sure that anyone in the legal profession after looking over this contract would be shocked at multiple ambiguities therein and the total lack of specificity the is included !!!
9. Customer Service >> Great until delivery day of the model home and the money has changed hands. >>>>>>> AN Then "THERE WAS NONE". the buyer tried in many ways to address the multitude of issues that became apparent on delivery day and for months afterwards.
>>> Customer Service now means that they no longer respond to telephone calls, e-mail messages and the mail. The only action I received was when I told them I would go public. The Manager then agreed to a settlement (That I proposed and that I insisted must be signed by both parties.He told me that it would take a few days to put together and he would call me when it was available for signatures. I insisted that this be done within 48hr of our telephone discussion or my proposed agreement to the settlement terms would no longer be in force. This was based on the Managers own admission to me on the delivery day that "all" of the verbal assurances that he and the sale person were non binding as the were not writing in the agreement. The Manager did agree; as was extremely sceptical about him following through with settlement and said the he "would send one of his men (to the home site)to start the work. I arrived on the site and discovered that someone had been there and had installed a gable roof > only trusses and some roof decking < on the front 1/3rd of my roof. no other work have been done. The time frame expired with No contact from Sea Hawk until I received a registered parcel from a legal office threatening to sue me for liable. After seeking 2 separate legal firms; they told me that the suit against me would be squashed but it could drag out over many years and the the do not award costs. All of my savings including my RRSP were used just to minimize damage from the elements to the house that I now own and my income is now a pension and ALL of my finances and savings were used up making the building inspector's criteria (minimum) just to move in.
10. BBB : Info update > only post resolved legal outcomes and then only for 3 years. The General Public has no access to the # of complaints registered. The obvious conclusion is that they are paid by their members (Companies) and are NOT their for the customer. I thought that I would receive a history regarding possible customer problems with this company when I checked with the B.B.B.

I have talked with at least 4 persons ( Sea Hawk Owners ) that had and are having similar problems and that were never resolved. I'm sure there are many others out there and maybe someone could suggest my and other owners in kind can do now (legal) and to get out the message that is you see a "Sea Hawk" representative; RUN < RUN !!!!!

Just a note of caution: I a heard some negative results also from "Bonniville" home owners.

I'm looking forward to your comments and suggestions.

Anonymous said...

Just read what Anonymous said... and it confirmed my suspicions, more like a gut feeling after speaking to a salesrep on the phone, that I won't pursue purchasing a home from Sea Hawk Homes.

Anonymous said...

I bought from Sea Hawk and completely agree with beverything said.this is exactly how my experience played out.

Anonymous said...

Agree totally. I can relate to everything that was said. The only time I got any satisfaction from Seahawk was when I threatened lawsuit. what a joke. On delivery day they left my house on the street because they did not have the cheque in there hand even though the bank representative was on site, and waiting for the house to be put on the foundation before handing over the money. The construction of these things is poor, I would recommend bonneville before Seahawk any day of the week .

karen said...