Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Nightmare, Redux

Faithful longtime readers, do you remember my post from November 6, 2007? It was titled The Nightmare. No, I'm not being haunted at night, I just want to own a movie.

For 10 months, I've been scouring the globe; every DVD store, website, friend's movie cabinet, baby's crib. I've looked EVERYWHERE for The Nightmare Before Christmas, and it has simply vanished from the earth. I said "bullshit" with regard to the possible fact that it could be a Disney movie in the vault. No where online did it say such blasphemy, so it couldn't be true!

Well, yesterday at approximately the exact time of 7:04am, I was doing my groggy pre-work TV and internet wakeup, when a commercial came on.

For a limited time only, a special collector's edition of The Nightmare Before Christmas was coming out of ... wait for it ... the FUCKING Disney vault!

1. Why is such a fabulous movie made by Disney?

2. Why did no one online know that the movie was in the vault?

3. Can a special edition of something that has never been on sale before TRULY be in the vault? Like it would have had to be made in the vault. The non-special edition could be in the vault, absolutely. But no. No special vaulting. The Olympics gymnastics program is over.

Anyway, by 7:05 I had ordered my copy from Amazon. Thank you VISA.

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