Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Medals

Canada was lovingly tied with most of the world in the Olympic medal standings at a respectable 32nd place. But last night, we won THREE medals... one of each. 17th place and you know we'll move up! The Olympics are only half over. Congrats to the lovely men and women who started us off last night!

Instead of winning medals, I was out to Chinese food with Jenny, Lindsay and Andrew, who is here for the weekend. I made a massive mess of BRIGHT RED CHERRY SAUCE on the CROTCH OF MY BEIGE SHORTS. This happened BEFORE I TOOK MY FIRST BITE. Ugh. But later at Tim Horton's, Jenny spilled coffee on herself, so she's just as bad. lol

We also did some serious touring around in Wal*Mart, and then Jenny took us exploring down by the swinging bridge to a No Trespassing area [ooo rebellious]. I was a wussy little baby, because it was dark and creepy, and I thought there might be lions and tigers and bears [oh my!] [but seriously, there have been bears in town lately]. We saw a cat. Then there was lots of making fun of Michael being a wuss. Then something ran across Jenny's foot and into a hole, and I had never felt such a death grip on my arm. There was also screaming. Take that, Jenny!

Today, if Andrew ever friggin' wakes up [I've been awake for 3.5 hours, and HE is the early riser?] we are going to breakfast and then out to my cousin's cottage for the weekend. I took a million pictures last night and will take a million more this weekend, so get ready to look at 2 million pictures in the coming days. Have a good weekend!

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